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Got some Money to Blow.

So I’ve got some money in my pocket, and I’ve been looking to buy two things. Either Under The Bar by Dave Tate or Joe Defranco’s Strong documentary. I can’t decide between the two, so I’d like to get some input from the people who have read the book or watched the documentary.

So what do you guys think I should get? I’m really looking for motivation in these.

I haven’t seen Stronger, but Under the Bar is a great book. Get both, I’m pretty sure Under the Bar is cheap right now.

I got under the bar for free for ordering $30 or a similar amount from EFS. The book is okay in my opinion. If you need motivation, it should suffice but I like Joe’s stuff alot!

Get Joe’s DVD.

I would go with Under the Bar. Also, I read the title as “Got some Money for Blow.” lol.

^^^^^ And I concur the above poster’s avatar and name.

Under the Bar is super cheap, just get both.

I’m pretty sure they give you the money to blow…

Under the Bar was free with the bench manual by Tate. Pretty good bonus.

They have really good specials every so often like that, I’d look out for one, they are quite frequent