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Got Sirius?

Do you have Sirius Radio? I am thinking of getting it. I commute to work about 1 hr. each way. Some questions:
What type of hardware do you have and are you happy with it?
What was done to your vehicle to install it?
Does it sound good coming through your car’s stereo?
Are there interuptions in service?
Would you recommend it?


Any reason why not XM? I hear that more people say XM is better than Sirius.

I don’t have either myself, but from what I hear, the quality is almost at CD for the music stations, and the lack of commercials is nice.
I think the installation is the same as any other stereo system, the unit just costs somewhat more.

My wife has XM and I have Sirius. Both are excellent. I am absolutely sold on this media. I will not listen to regular radio stations anymore. The lack of commercials alone make it worth it.

My wife’s came with her new car. Mine is installed aftermarket. A magnetic antenna on the roof, a holder for the unit on the dashbord. I can remove the “head” and put it in my Sirius boombox in the house. Also, once you get a subscription for either XM or Sirius, you get a password to pick up the signal through your PC. I’m listening to it now. I will never go back to regular old radio.

I have XM and I’ll say it’s awesome. The antenna, radio, and head unit are essential unless you have an XM or Sirius ready head unit. I know this sounds confusing, and to be honest it confused the hell out of me.

As far as installation, I have a pickup truck. I put the magnetic antenna on top, ran the wire from the tail light on the roof to the inside of the truck, routed the wire under the carpet and found a nice spot to hide the radio. If you’re not comfortable with removing some interior paneling and lifting up the carpet and generally poking around in your vehicle, have it professionally installed.

It sounds awesome through my sterio - much better than FM.

Interruptions in service shocked the hell out of me the first time; I thought I had fucked up something in the install. Sometimes if you’re going under trees and such (you can’t see the sky very well) it won’t pick up. It’s not supposed to work in garages but it works fine in mine. That still baffles the hell out of me. When it does cut out, it’s usually under a second and the “white noise” isn’t terrible.

I’d recommend the hell out of it.

PM me if you have any more questions.

I neglected to add that you should go to Sirius and XM websites and sign up for free (Internet) trials. The only reason to choose XM over Sirius or vice versa is music choice. Unless, of course, you already have a Sirius ready head unit in which case you don’t have much of a choice.

If you’re a fan of Howard Stern, get Sirius.