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Got Sick, Should I Wait?

I was ready to start my new cycle after getting alot of good advice, but caught a bad virus. Been sick for 2 weeks, no gym, was on antibiotic, feel better now but a little weak… Should I start my cycle to give me a boost of energy or wait and get some gym time in before I start?
Just dont wanna waste my gear, but am anxious to get going.

I know nothing about steroids, but i would def give it a week or two just to get back in the swing if things. Just my 2 cents

yeah, thats the safe route, just feel like i need a boost of energy and testosterone to get me going, so if its safe I wanna start.

I would start it… but then again im on gear forever so…

it would be beneficial for sparing muscle and stimulating hunger… also test is very cheap so…

If its about energy why not just settle with some caffiene? Idk what you’re sickness was but you don’t want to use the steroids to train when you’re body isn’t ready to go 100% yet. Also if it was me, and like I said Idk anything about steroids, I would wait a week to start and get the most out of the gear you have.

Walkway brings up a valid point. One week or so isn’t gonna matter in the long run, unless you have some pressing deadline. I’m gonna bow out of this one as my steroid knowledge is far from vast

thnx for your input, it is a good way to look at it, no real rush so you are right