Got Sick & Lost a Lot of Weight

Recently I had reached the stage where I was happy with the way that I was eating and training. Unfortunately, 2 weeks ago I got a really bad virus which knocked me off my feet for the 2 weeks. I barely ate and lost weight, and now that I’m back on my feet 2 weeks I still find I’m losing weight (I’ve had to do a lot of walking back and forward to University again for classes.)

Over the past month, I’ve lost quite a lot of weight, so now I’m only around 120lbs, less even, and I’m about 5ft 11, 19 y.o. I havn’t lifted in about a month (I feel too weak) and with starting back into walking I’ve picked up injuries in my legs (pulled muscles, loadsa pains, stiffness etc.) and can’t do the cardio I had been doing.

At the minute, I’m not eating like I had been before I was sick, mainly cos I’m not lifting, so I keep thinking any weight that goes on is just gonna be fat. I had been eating 3500 a day when I was working out, but my maintenance was about 2000 (although found I wasn’t really gaining, even so.)

I’ve been measured and have a verrrrrry low bodyfat %- would it be a bad idea to just eat 3500 (but eat clean) for a few weeks, even without lifting/ cardio, or could this just pile on the pounds of fat?? Really need some advice, thanks guys

I wouldn’t immediately start eating 3500. Up your cals by 500 each week. I can’t imagine there is going to be any negative impact with eating surplus of calories and not exercising. From what you have described, your body type will most likely not gain very much fat if any at all.