Got Sick, Lost 9lbs, Wait to Start Cycle?

Long time lurker. Not big on posting due to the fact that every question has been asked a thousand times if you just do a search. For the life of me I can’t find an answer to my question though. so I apologize in advance if you’ve seen it before.
Anyway, here’s my problem. I was about to start my first cycle (d-bol + sust) about 8 weeks ago but called it off due to a Lyme’s disease diagnosis. Ended up losing 9 extremely hard to gain pounds in the process. I was 5’7" 192lbs before this mess. I’m 33 and have been working out for roughly 4 years. Should I wait to start the cycle until after I put the weight back on? I definitely feel great and I’ve been back in the gym for a two weeks. I’ve put on half a pound since then at the most. Just looking for input. Thanks in advance.

Lyme disease is pretty serious, are you on medication? If so. what?

I was put on dioxacyclin sp? For 30 days. It wasnt fun but I have a clean bill of health now and feel great. Its quite a chore for me to stay in the 190’s and I’m upset I lost that weight. Most of my adulthood I’ve only weighed around 135lbs.

Yeah you lost quite a bit of weight but at least you’re healthy now. I only asked because I could see some medications having a factor. I’ll let someone with more knowledge answer your question.