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Got Scammed Today


So I haven't posted here in a long time. I still read the threads every day. (CLIFF NOTES AT BOTTOM)

This is more to just let out some anger (not only at the lady who scammed me, but at myself for being so gullible and an overall nice guy)

So I was working out today - leg day. Had a nice workout and was walking out of the gym (located inside a mall) and this lady - probably around early 30s walked up to me.

She is dressed plainly (nothing that stood out in terms of a con artist - but that probably meant she was good at her job). This is how it went down:

Her: "Hello sorry to bother you and I am REALLY embarassed to say but I locked my keys in car, with my purse, do you have CAA? I've tried to find help but there is no one around. (keep in mind that this happened today at 6pm during the DAY when people were still shopping at the mall next door)

Me: (I had CAA but I didn't want to give it to her) "No I don't, sorry"

Her: "Oh I know this sounds weird and I feel so embarassed but do you have $30 bucks? I have $30 on me and I need $60 to take a cab to the airport. My dad works at the airport and I need to go visit him to get the spare key. (she proceeds to show me her pockets of about $30 bucks). I don't even have my purse or anything. I have 2 kids, one is 4 yrs and the other one 2 yrs."

Me: (by then she was talking so much, I admit I did feel bad) "so what do you want from me?"

Her: "$30"

Me: "I dont have any cash on me. How about I go with you to the cab driver and I'll put a deposit for the cab using my credit card?"

Her: "Oh you can't cause I ordered a CASH only cab (that has baby seats) - None of it was true I later found out. ALL cabs take credit and don't require baby seats for kids.

Her: "Oh there is a bank next door to the gym - can you please just go to the ATM and take out some money? I'll pay you back in an hour when I come back, i swear!"

Me: (I stupidly went to the bank and took out $40 bucks, AND charged an extra $2 bucks for service fees. Gave her the $40 bucks).

Her: (she was standing inside the bank with me) "Oh let me give you my name and my information, and please give me yours as well. THANK YOU so much."

She took the money, left. I was dumb enough to not ask for any further ID, or even at least followed her to know if she was ACTUALLY taking a cab and such...

Overall, I feel like a fucking retard. the number she provided was obviously NOT IN SERVICE. But I am hoping that what goes around comes around.

end rant/

Cliff notes:
- woman asked for $30 to take a cab to the airport to pick up spare keys from her dad because she locked hers in the car
- she asked for help, CAA for her car
- i told her i didnt have CAA (even though i did)
- she asks for cash
- I told her I didnt have cash
- she begs me to take out money from the bank next door
- I give in, give her $40 (2 x 20s)
- She gives me fake info and bounces (her number was fake)


People suck, dude. Your fault, sorry.

Edit: Perhaps to be a bit more constructive...At least alert the police. Chances are the lady has done this before at this location and will do it again. You can at least make them aware. Who knows, maybe something will come of it.


I agree that you should report it. We had the same type of scam going on around my law school last year, I fell for it and reported it. A few months later the police made an arrest, and the prosecution was able to use me and a few other people as witnesses. Usually, the prosecution can't use other bad acts to prove a new crime, but a prosecutor can use those bad acts when the defendant repeats her modus operandi.

Long story short: your chances of fucking the bitch over go up if you report it.


I know it sucks but some people really need money, others fake it too well. Definitely report it. I work in Asia and I write about the crime scene here. Just not long ago i wrote about a scam that was happening. Basically a woman got a call from a post office worker saying a package arrived for her but since it was suspicious looking, they called the police and it had drugs inside, so they gave her the number of the department of the police working on the case.

She called imediately and the police officer said that someone got her information and asked if she noticed anything in her bank account. She checked and everything was ok. The the police officer advised her to change the ATM code just in case also. She did. The asked her to transfer the money to another account they got ready until they did further investigation. Of course, after such a long story, she did.

Long story short, there was no package, face post office worker, fake police officer. She was lucky she didnt have that much money in her bank account at the moment though.


keep smart.

those Canadians lol.


You were scammed, but don't feel too bad about it. You lost 40$, but she's so poor that the only thing she has is some money she needs to take from others.


This. I had almost $200 of groceries stolen from my truck before. They even left some electronics. I was mad but I figured they actually needed the food. Not that it is right by no means but it does help your anger.


I actually meant "poor" as in, traits and values, not economically wise.


It hurts to get taken, but I think your situation there doesn't make you look like a complete sucker....could've happened to many people.

Though I'd be on the lookout for her around there or other parking lots.


That sucks, man.

You seem like a great person. Nice, thoughtful, and smart.

After being scammed a few times myself, I figured out how to never be scammed again-- and I've helped people from ever being scammed again.

For $40, I can tell you, too.


Eh, oh well don't be mad ay her because you fell for one of the oldest scams ever lol

Its on you

If you were willing to put cash up you could have offered a ride to the airport...if she said no to a free ride then you would have know it was a set up

She saw an easy target
Worked you
Got over on you
Blame yourself


If you send me your bank information I will deposit the $40 to learn of this fantastic offer.


Not what I expected when I saw the thread title. Random stanger in a public place asked you for $30 and promised she'd pay you back... seems like a pretty weak "scam"


If all they took was food and left anything else, I would probably feel the same way.


$30 is a small price to pay to believe in the decency of people...shame you cant get a refund.


And she didn't even offer a blowjay!

The NERVE!!!


I'm on expert on these social encounters. Allow me to help:

Was she cute? Because if she's not cute, be a New Yorker - no eye contact, keep walking, feign deafness.

See point number one above. Do not even acknowledge her presence, unless she's cute.

This part is the simplest. Obviously you have never broken into a car. If she's cute, or if you're sympathetic, go to car, get keys out of car. Simple. And WTF is a CAA? Is that like the U.S. equivalent of AAA (road service)?

There are only two appropriate replies to this question. The first, even if she is cute is, "Do I look like your (insert: "Daddy", "boyfriend", "husband"). The second appropriate reply is "are you down to fuck? suck? b/c if you aint suckin, I don't have $30". For less than $30 you can see "vixens" on these very pages. And you don't even have to try to help them break in their car. It's free!

"Well, you're halfway there my dear lady, good luck".

"I guess your Dad will need to come here to help you."

"Don't worry about your purse, we can stop at the Rx over there and I'll buy a condom or two. Or, call your baby's daddy(ies) to help you, unless of course you're down to fuck. We can hop in the men's room real quick okay?"

Cliff notes:
- if a woman asks you for money, she better be fucking cute and down to fuck
- learn how to break into cars if you want to be a white knight
- common sense - it's not so "common"
- learn the "new yorker" (I don't see you and I can't hear you and my feet are still moving....lalalalalalalala)
- are you down to fuck?


Hey thanks!

I'll definitely give this a shot.


I was debating that last night. Actually, I talked to my cousin - who is a cop in another District and he said I COULD report it, but nothing would ever come of it. I'm just finding it annoying to have take some time during the day out of work to go in-person to report it.

Thanks for the advice though...you never know right?


That is some messed up shit. But very common in Asia...to be expected, but thanks for the "feel-better-cause-other-people-get-fcuked-over-even-worse" comments