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Got Salmon?

I agree with you about irradiation. The only thing I worry about is the meat packers relaxing their hygiene, trusting that the irradiation will take care of everything.

I eat the Chicken of the Sea boneless, skinless, chunk style pink salmon. It’s not gourmet food but I don’t expect every meal to be Wolfgang Puck quality. It’s edible, easier to eat plain than tuna, even white meat, solid pack albacore.

For dinner grilled salmon fillet with butter, worchestershire sauce and garlic done over real charcoal is really good. Or you can bake it with a sauce of mayo, garlic, parsley, and onions all minced in, finish it off with a quick blast from the broiler to just brown the sauce a little. Whatever you do don’t overcook it. Just until the meat turns opaque and remove from the heat, it will coast a bit on latent heat and be done perfectly.