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Got Robbed Saturday


So Saturday I go to pick up a girl, and come back to my place. This is about 2:30 in the afternoon. I was only gone for 20 minutes. My room mate was home. I get home and I can see stuff is all over the floor in my room. Pretty obvious what happened. Someone got my coin collection, knives, watch, 20 bucks in change, MY FUCKING LAPTOP WITH ALL MY SCHOOL STUFF ON IT, camcorder, baseball memorabilia...and one rechargeable battery.

So I call the cops and they come out, a detective comes out and take some stuff looking for prints. Then about 40 minutes later I get a call..They got him! Robbing another house a town over. He pulled a knife on the homeowner and got the shit kicked out of him LMAO. He had my class ring on him when they brought him in. Now they're searching for the rest of my shit, he didn't have it on him when they caught him.

He isn't talking though, so who knows where the fuck my stuff is. He had Indian money on him, and my other room mate is Indian and just got back from there. So I checked in his room and his passport and a pouch of Indian cash is gone. Apparently the guy is well known in this other town for B&E type shit.

The only way the connection was initially made to me was that the detective started calling surrounding precincts, and happened to call this one right after. I didn't think the police would do shit, based on what others were telling me. But I was completely wrong on that account.

Here's the bitch of it all: They can't do a search warrant for his house. Apparently in the 'real world' (i.e. not law & order) you basically need to have a witness saying they saw this motherfucker carrying my shit into his house. The house that's right around the fucking corner from me. Yes, this fucking genius, who apparently lives with his brother (or some other male relative with the same last night) decided to break into a house in his own neighborhood.

I'm telling everyone on my block where this fucker is, what his name is, and what he looks like. If this guy comes back to this neighborhood after posting bail (if he actually does post it) he's out of his fucking mind. The name on the household looks to be a brother, or other male relative; same last name. At the precinct when I reclaimed my ring there were two people there that said to the front desk officer that they were there to see a guy with the same last name. So I've been riding by this guys house, no one comes out that much. Haven't seen him. yet.


That sucks - but at least they caught him fast.


Damn. Good luck getting your stuff back.


I thinks this be a burglary. You gotz to be there for it to be a roe-berry.

The other homeowner was involved in 'this is a roe-berry'.

Anywho, hope it works out for you.


Lucky you. Not many people get their stuff back,hell,not many people are able to catch the thief either. Id probably do what you do,tell people about this guy post up his address,his phone number,his name and his relatives names who lives there. Make this guys life a living hell. To bad you dont live in Texas,legally,you can kill the son of a bitch....and rape his wife.


So, this guy lives in your neighborhood?

I'd make his life miserable.


I've told every goon on my street what this guy did. No one's happy this shit happened in their neighborhood on the middle of a fucking Saturday afternoon.


I would...........slit his fucking throat.


10 minutes til the "I robbed some guy" parody thread.


Damn, quicker than I expected.




you should recreate this photo with him being the receiver of the kick.


was he the same guy who robbed half your boxers?


Your roommate was home? Was he aware of the robbery, or we he passed out drunk at 2 in the afternoon as my roommate tends to be? If the guy that this dude robbed after you was able to bust his ass and detain him, why was your roommate such a pansy? This is ground for man card revocation.


LOLOL, classic.


no, that was another guy. :frowning:


yeah I can't believe he didn't hear anything...


Maybe he's a pussy and was hiding in the closet?


go take back your stuff somewhere in his house


A slight variation! Like Dvorak throwing in a different harmony to go hand in hand with that brutally repetitious melody.