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Got Robbed - Legal Advice


So I got robbed today:
$1300 and 3 ounces
Then they came back to my car when I left and took my GPS and my Ipod. The one time I forgot to lock it.

I know exactly who did it. I'm not starting shit because I don't feel like getting shot, but I figure since they took my GPS and Ipod as well, I could call the police and say they took my $1300. cash, my GPS, and my Ipod and that I saw them.

I noticed because my front porch sensor light came on and I had the cash because I was gonna buy a bigass TV off Craigslist.

Can they actually go and search the kids just on me saying I saw them? Are they gonna search me? Are they gonna have my name written down somewhere? Are parents going to be contacted or something? Because my mom's in Holland for a few more weeks and I'd rather not get her involved.

What would the police do? I don't know if I want them involved. It's either that, or I get maybe half of it back and take an expensive lesson.

Thank you,


This is probably the oddest and latest parody thread I think I've ever seen.

Original; http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/music_movies_girls_life/serious_issue_beef


Not sure if this is a joke - it could be the next chapter in the 'I do drugs, but it's not fucking up my life' soap, we've had before.

See earlier thread: http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/sex_girls_pictures_hot_pics_photo_women/the_dramatic_conclusion

We may yet read the final chapter in the papers some day.



Buy a gun and quit being a bitch. Now is the time to become a man, kill them.


Shouldn't have had all that shit in your car.

Call the police and tell them who you think did it and ask them to finger print ASAP. Get the serial number for your GPS and IPod if you still have the boxes.


Wait, wait wait...

So the first time they came they took 1300 bucks and your weed, yes? You left 1300 dollars in your car...??

Then for some genius reason you decided to leave your Ipod and GPS in your car, in plain view, AND left your car unlocked. Holy shit fuck.

I hope this is a troll thread because no one can be this stupid.


That story was months ago and isn't related to this at all. Do you have all my threads bookmarked? I posted asking for advice. Don't post if you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.


I don't know the serial numbers for either and I'd really rather involve the police as a last resort. Once they're in, you can't uninvolve them.


The only reason this happened is because you're a fucking idiot.


Don't tell them (police report/insurance company) that your car was unlocked. Otherwise the insurance won't pay out.



Yeah, common sense would be to A) Not leave 2 + grand in your car unattended and B) if someone were to ever dare rob me I would be outside in a split second with guns knives bats bows and arrows axes swords whatever the fuck kind of weapon I could find and I would go ouside with the intentions of protecting my property and fucking someone up. I'd even go outside weaponless if it came down to it. So I think it's pretty stupid that you did not protect your property.


I got robbed of my money and my bud in my home. I didn't have anything but my GPS in my car and ipod in the glovebox.

If I get rid of anything questionable in my home right now and call the police, reporting my GPS, Ipod, and cash stolen and saying I saw the kids, what would happen? This happened around 9pm last night. We were going to go find them, but one guy I know who knows them well is trying to get it back for me right now. He told me not to do anything and he'd handle it. But the most I'll get back anyways is like $300. tops because he's saying I owe him money. I don't, but we agreed that that's the story.

I have the box the GPS came in. I don't have my Ipod's packaging. Both have probably been sold by now.


Yo Austin.. I respect you, so don't take this the wrong way, but you wouldn't do that. And if you would, it wouldn't end well for you.

Fucking bats dude? I deal with people much higher up than random ass high school kids. I'm lucky 3 Os and the cash I had out is all that got taken. I wasn't even the one that was supposed to get robbed. It was supposed to be for my friend. He's the one that got the call, but he didn't have enough weight, so he called me.

And yeah, I am fucking stupid. I fucked up about 20 times over the course of the night. That's not what this is about though.

So, what would happen if I reported my shit stolen and got rid of everything questionable in my home?


I thought it was bad when someone smashed my window and took 40$, jesus christ.

Kids, don't leave valuable shit in your car.


This thread belongs in the T-Cell


I remember locking it actually. I'm pretty sure they just saw one of my like five spare keys somewhere along the way. They weren't planning on getting my car. I'm not sure though. But thanks for the tip.


Since you know who did it, go rob them.


This is what happens when you smoke too much pot.


Yo like... how clueless are you?
These people are always in large groups and are all armed.