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Got Ribs?


Who's got the best ribs? I'm talking pork ribs...the real stuff(that comment is directed to all you Texans). There's a place in Cincinnati called the BBQ Reveu that is really good. Dreamland bbq aint bad either. Oh yeah, anybody know where to get good ribs in Kentucky?


Where are you at? (more later)

The Memphis restuarant, Corky's Bbq has two locations in Lexington.

Moonlight Bbq in Owensboro has really great everything.

Florence has a Famous Dave's and a soon to open Smokey Bones. Smokey Bones won several awards at this years' Memphis in May cookoff.

Up Near Hamilton, Boston Butts is pretty good.

On the bad side...
Montgomery Inn boils their ribs prior to cooking. This takes all the flavor out. The brisket is heated in a tub of sauce, so you can't taste the meat.

I happen to make awesome ribs. I find my bbq chuck roast to be much better. If your near the Cincinnati area we'll work something out.


There's acouple near where I live. Joey's BBQ in Chino Hills and Pomona, MJ's in West Covina, Pinnacle Pete's in Covina(I think, I've only been there once)


Hands down...the best pork ribs EVER are located in Rancho Mirage, CA (next to palm springs) and a 1-of-akind restaraunt called Babes. Its owned by Dawn Calender of Marie Calender fame.

Everyone that goes there says the same thing...best ribs ever.


We have a place out here (southern cali) called Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse... that might be it. They have great ribs.


Colombians House, me, mine, they are the best in the west, i'll post some pics later, really juicy and yummy.


I don't know guys. I'm from Alabama, and the original Dreamland BBQ in Tuscaloosa is famous across the world for its ribs. It's the only thing on the menu! Ribs and sweet tea.


Dreamland in Tuscaloosa, AL, is my personal favorite (except for my homemade ribs, which are damn tasty if I do say so myself). There's another good place in Tuscaloosa that a lot of people don't know. It's called Archibald's, and it's in a little cinderblock building, virtually in someone's back yard, on MLK Blvd in Northport. Their sauce is a little more vinegar-based than Dreamland's.


And all the white bread you want to sop up the sauce. And beer... don't forget beer.

Actually, they soft drinks too, but that's it.

Funny Dreamland story: When they first opened a new location outside of Tuscaloosa, it nearly didn't make it. They opened it in Mobile, which has its fair share of BBQ joints. Many people had heard of Dreamland, but didn't really know what it was all about. In T-town, you go into Dreamland, and you order a slab or a half-slab, and whatever drink you want. In Mobile, people kept coming in asking for sandwiches, chicken, sides, and so forth. For a while, the owners put a sign up over the counter that said, "No slaw, No sides, Don't ask!"

Unfortunately, they just couldn't compete in that location like that, so the Dreamland restaurants in Mobile and Birmingham serve sides and chicken now. At the original place, though, it's still just "How many slabs ya want?"

Now I'm hungry.


You might be right. I've only been there once but the food was great. It's less than 20 minutes from my house.


The worse place for Ribs?
Tony Roma's. They got some of the worse stale ass, cheap old tough as leather anorexia ribs I've ever eaten. I've been to 3 different Tony Roma's in Southern California and it all sucked