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Got Questions for a Top Prep Guru?


Hey guys,

I just got word that a very popular contest prep guru has agreed to do a Q&A column for TMUSCLE readers.

All areas related to competing at a high level are up for grabs: drugs, diet, last week tips, exercise, you name it.

Because it's going to be a No Holds Barred kinda column, our source will remain anonymous. But that also means that no topic is too taboo.

Post your questions in this thread and don't be shy- he won't be.

  • Bryan


Does he have any favorite 24 hour weight cutting protocols for a PL meet?

I've got about 12lbs to lose (well, hopefully a few lbs less by the comp) and I don't think it'll be too hard to just drop water for the weight in, just wondering if he's got any tips.

Thanks man. This is actually a pretty cool idea.



Is the cardio shitting effects of Trenbolone due to the fact that it is a bronchio constrictor? is this a known fact according to the scientific literature? and would taking a bronchio dilator such as albuterol counter this effect adequately??



That is a more scientific, drug specific question then what this guy might be able to answer. My guess could be what it does with regards to your blood viscosity, increased strain on kidney function and general drastic rise in blood pressure that is seen in trenbolone use.


shit your right. that is a completely inappropriate question for this specific individual. please disregard.

i was just searching papers on the net at it was playing on my mind


Do the constant high doses of hormones and huge sudden changes in the types of hormomes given affect bodybuilders' personalities?


ok, no topic too taboo.

How do you pass drug tests? What are your top tips/strategies?

I take it - stick to short acting esters. So if someone was running test prop and/or tren acetate, how long before these are undetectable in terms of their metabolites in your piss?

And how do you fix T/E tests? Is it feasible to use synthetic Epitestosterone? I know they have tests for epi-test, which can expose cheating - but how widely are these used outside the olympic context, how reliable are they, and can they be passed?

Any other way of blatantly cheating by using drugs that no one is supposed to and thereby gaining an advantage to defeat your rivals not through hard work but through using substances because you are cleverer at using them than them and therefore give yourself an edge through substances they don't have access to?



Is it still cheating if everyone does it and it is actually expected/necessary? Go live in your fantasy land in solitude please; no one here wants to hear it...


Look, wyldflower, what the fuck are you doing on here? If you knew anything you would know that sometimes for those 'tested' shows they take polygraphs, there are ways of beating the polygraphs. Second, drugs are only one part of the equation.

Why don't you get serious about this website instead of trying to make a mockery of it?


The only thing worse than WyldFlower's view is the rationalization that it's ok to cheat because everyone else is doing it.



"All areas related to competing at a high level are up for grabs: drugs, diet, last week tips, exercise, you name it. it's going to be a No Holds Barred kinda column... no topic is too taboo."

Neither him nor anyone else is under any obligation to answer any question


Umm... if everyone's doing the same thing, where's the cheating?


I don't think opinionated philosophy falls under the category of "related to competing at a high level"...


i was asking how he gets people to pass drug tests, if he does such a thing at all, or whether he knows how to.


Are you serious?

There are rules for a reason. Breaking them is cheating. EXTREMELY black and white.

Disagree with the rules but you cant change the definition of a word to justify your opinion.

And to WyldFlower. Not sure if this is what youre talking about but the IFBB has rules against steroids but do not test for them. Take that how you'd like.

And my opinion. Out of all the athletes in the world drug using bodybuilders/powerlifters competing in tested competitions are the biggest scumbags around. The only two sports (that I know of) that have separate divisions for drug users and non drug users.


in the top levels of the IFBB what would a pre-contest cycle look like?


Hey I agree with the notion that they are not great people and that they ruin their divisions in our sport but you have to be realistic, not view things as black and white. I don't compete in the naturals, nor will I ever, but almost all those I know who do do cycles when they can squeeze them in.

Breaking rules is not cheating by any means; cheating is obtaining an unfair advantage over your competition. If most of the people on stage with you cycle, then no, it would not be cheating, no matter how much you wish it was. If it were possible to make it absolutely clear that those on stage are completely "clean", would I support it? Hell yes, but until then, you just have to accept that it goes on. Sucks buddy, but that's just the way it is...


Dictionary definition of cheating: "to violate rules or regulations: He cheats at cards." You my friend, are a cheater.

Just because everyone does it doesn't make it right. Ever heard of the holocaust?


Dont start that shit in here!


What does an off season bodybuilders' cycle look like and how common are site injections and implants in lower level shows?