T Nation

Got Neutered...


from posting on T NATION. It's now blocked at work :frowning:

I can browse on my iphone but it's not ideal...



You are koing to be posting from home.


Nailed it.


Oh no!

I surf through a virtual machine and that gets around the filters. I have to be careful where I click however because the filters are there to protect us from ourselves, mostly :smiley:

It'd be great if this site had a work friendly sister site.


not sure how it works but an app would be nice for smartphones.


Yeah I got fucking blocked today too. For about 6 months it was fine and then I was blocked for 2 months then I was fine for about 3 weeks and then today I got blocked...my job was insanely boring, this site is what got me through the day now Im gonna have to try and fall asleep in the shitter.


Yeah, I'm blocked at my job to. The reason given is that this is a "porno" site


What's up with this anyways, I got blocked today too and the site has been fine for 5 years at my job. The reason says Adult Content/Health. God forbid adults look at websites promoting health LOL.
So what are you guys browsing now that T NATION is taboo? I need some new time killers.


If you want a time-killer, check out Cracked.com


I'm not exactly sure what software is being used to block you or how it works, but you can configure your browser to run through a proxy server(or just open up a page to one of the websites listed on the link below). This may or may not work.


Of course you wouldn't want to be submitting any personal data, passwords, credit card #'s etc.. when using a proxy.


Should probably be careful if you are going to start using a proxy at work because your IT will be able to see that your using one and thats the sort of thing you can get a proper telling off for because essentially you are getting around their rules.

We had a couple of people use it for facebook when that was banned, they all got a disciplinary.

The best way is to become friends with the IT team and blag yourself into the exception group :slightly_smiling:


thank god this site isn't blocked at work... bb.com though is


Hahahaha, I've done that.


this is aaaaaaaall I do at my job


Oh how I wish I knew who that was...




When they blocked me at work, I just used a Secure Website trick to get around it.

When going to the main page, type out the full address with an "s" after the http


Articles on this page also require it. Ironically, you can go into the forums without using this trick.


my company is weird. youtube and facebook are blocked but i can watch the nastiest porn i want without a problem haha


and we're back!
Unblocked, now I can get back to wasting the valuable time I'm paid for LOL


Thank the lord, its not blocked anymore, just a 1 day respite