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Got Neutered, Now What?


Hello to all. Long time lurker, first time poster.

Long story short, decided to have a vasectomy. Got it done last week and according to the doctor, I can now train again. However, I'm not sure if I should take a couple of "easy" weeks first, especially on lower body, as I know I'm not completely healed.(I was half way through ABBH I). So to those out there who have had it done, any reccomendations?

Thanks in advance for the help.


DO NOT GET IN A HURRY! Had mine done a few years ago. Tried to get back too soon, and...it hurt. Start with walking fast. Maybe some light lifting. NO SQUATS until you are sure it's completely healed. Just take it easy.


Enjoy a week off. Don't push it.


I had it done as a present to myself on my 30th birthday, 22 years ago!
No heavy lifting for at least 2 weeks my friend. Treat this time as an active recovery block & enjoy some walking. Drink plenty of water & take a good anti-inflammatory. Ripfast's Muscle Intelligence works wonders for me when I need it.
All the best


Check out Shugs' blog on this:



Yikes! High doses of test have been shown to decrease your chances of having kids. See the article about getting a doc to prescribe T for you.

Why'd you go so drastic? Just curious.



Good input. The article was a good guideline. Stupid of me k=not of searched for it. I thank you and my sak thanks you.
I may lift upper body light (work up to 80% ala WS4SB) today and see how it feels But definetly no LB until the stitched are dissolved.

HH- I'm confused as to what you mean by drastic. T levels should not decrease just because you had a vasectomy.


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There's an article here, like "Your doctor, your dealer, II", where you might convince your doc to give you T, since studies show it reduces your sperm count, esp if you're Asian (like 95% for Asians, 70% for Caucasians). Wouldn't doing that have been better than doing something drastic, like a vasectomy? I'm not criticizing your choice, it just seems that a non-reversible operation seems, to me, too drastic.



I think I see your point, but if wanted to prevent pregnancies, I can think of a lot easier ways that upping my testosterone level to the point my testes stop producing sperm. Condoms, putting the wife on B-coontrol, etc.

However, my wife and I just had our 2nd child 6 months ago. Her body doesnt handle being pregant well, or the pill. I'm 36 and I'm happy with the amount of kids we have, and I don't want any more. So, for us, it was the right decision. To each their own.


Yeah. And much less risky too. Who wants to think they've 'stopped' their testes from producing testosterone and wake up to a surprise one day.


As far as I can remember, that was Shugs' funniest blog.


Yes, of course --- if it endangered my wife, I'd not hesitate an instant to do as you did. You made the right decision. No offense was intended in any way, btw.



When you get this done...does your test drop?


No. The severing of the van deferens does not impact the level of tetsosterone the testes produce. It just stops the sperm from travelling which are then "absorbed" (I dont know how...) back into the body.


HH- None taken. Thanks.


Just an update from my last post in the event anyone out there is looking for a guidepost.

Its been about 2 1/2 weeks since the procedure. I did take a week and 1/2 off completely. I put in a couple of upper body workouts so far this week. Nothing spectactular, just moving the weights and working up from 50% to 80% for sets of 5-10 depending on the lift. Yesterday I rode the bike (stationary reclining) for about 15 minuites after. No issues so far.

My stitches dissolved completely as of last night. However, I still feel a little tender in the "nether region" so I will probably take it easy for the rest of this week, get one more Upper body workout in, ride the bike, walk, do stuff in the yard. Next week I'll start doing lower body and abs again but nothing heavy or too strenuous. Squat & F. Squat about 60% of Max for reps of 5-6 for a few sets, maybe reverse lunges, etc. Just to get back into the grove and work the muscles a bit and gauge from there. If all goes well, I see myself back to normal w/in a couple of weeks. Or in the fetal positon crying like a litle girl.


So I guess it's now cooler and a better choice to trick your doctor into getting you on steroids than to get a vasectomy. What a wonderful world this has become.


Well, the world is a cesspool, that's true. Yes, the article IS a guideline for tricking a doc. My point was that he might have been able to use this as an alternative to a pretty much permanent operation. With a 50% divorce rate in the US, he may be with a different lady in 5 years and she wants kids.

I regard ANY kind of surgery as a drastic procedure though, so I'm biased.


By all logic and physiology you would think this would be the case however there have been a staggering amount of case reports of men needing TRT after getting the snip. There seems to be an autoimmune response that's downregulating testosterone production some how.

Not all men who get vasectomies end up needing TRT but a higher than average amount may. I think all men considering the operation should think about the possible complications, and men who are experiencing low T symptoms after the snip may consider getting some blood work done.

An article:


From Medline:

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In more than 50% of men, vasectomy leads to auto-immune pathology. The auto-immune response to sperms following vasectomy is triggered by the phagocytosis of sperm in the epididymis. In the humoral immune response, sperm agglutinating, sperm immobilizing, and antibodies to sperm nuclear protamines occur, as early as 3-4 days after vasectomy. The incidence reaches 60-70% within 1 year and remains almost the same even after 20 years. Presence and effects of circulating immune complexes following vasectomy are discussed with reference to reported increased incidence of atherosclerosis and auto-immune orchitis in experimental animals. There is no positive conclusion whether vasectomy leads to cell mediated immunity to spermatozoa.

PIP: Vasectomy leads to auto-immune pathology in more than 50% of men. The immunological changes, if any, following vasectomy can be manifested in 2 ways: those that affect anatomy, either gross, microscopic, or submicroscopic, and adverse effect on the physiological mechanisms in the reproductive tract could be due to the presence of antibodies to sperm-specific antigens and may cross react with other tissues and secretions in the body. Gross anatomical changes include cystic swelling at the site of operation and development of spermatic granuloma. Included among the histological changes in experimental auto-immune orchitis or after vasectomy are: varying degree of vacuolization of the Sertoli cells; premature exfoliation of immature germ cells; coalescence of cellular units of the germ cell clones from multinucleate giant cells; distortion of spermatid nucleus and acrosome; and retention and degeneration of late spermatids within the epithelium. In some pathological conditions such as vas obstruction and vasectomy, due to phagocytosis of the spermatozoa the soluble antigens of the sperm leak into the circulation and produce autoantibodies. Sperm agglutinating antibodies in sera have been detected as soon as the 3rd or 4th day after vasectomy, but they appear in the sera more commonly between 6 weeks to 6 months. Circulating sperm immobilizing antibodies are found in 1%-3% of the nonvasectomized individuals. Within 6 months post operation, about 31% of men develop these antibodies. Swollen sperm head antibodies are found in less than 2% of nonvasectomized male populations and in 28%-33% of vasectomized males within a year following the operation. Presence and effects of circulating immune complexes following vasectomy are reviewed with reference to reported increased incidence of atherosclerosis and auto-immune orchitis in experimental animals. There is no positive conclusions as to whether vasectomy results in cell mediated immunity to spermatozoa.

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