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Got Myself in the Paper


Check it out, I managed to score myself a feature in the Edmonton Journal. Took up the whole second page of today’s style section. As cool as the web version is it’s way cooler to see myself owning the print.


Fierce facial hair.

Congratulations on the good press!

Cool article. Pretty innovative way to locally market custom suits. Just by coincidence, I am looking for a custom suit for a wedding that is coming in a month.


Thumbs up!

Cool man, hope your business does well! Bespoke for near the price of OTS should be pretty popular I think!

Thanks team, things have been crazy since the article came out. I’m not complaining of course.

Can you make tailored undershirts?

[quote]critietaeta wrote:
Can you make tailored undershirts?[/quote]

At this point I’m afraid that isn’t a product we offer.