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Got Myself a Pistol


Well, I just got back from Iraq on Saturday. I predicted BO would win so 2 days ago I bought my first pistol, a Springfield XD sub compact in 40 S&W. Now some of you may ask why would a BO victory make you want to own a handgun? I'm gonna answer that question with some other questions.

When the BO tax hikes come into play how will they effect business?
At what point will the "rich" stop working because they refuse to pay these high taxes?
If they quit working and shut down how will that effect unemployment?
How does unemployment effect the rate of crime?
I've seen BO past voting record in regard to gun ownership. How do you think his "brownshirts" will effect this?


You did the right thing. Get an AR also if you don't have one.


On a scale of 1 to 100, with 1 being pure Marxism where everyone has equal wealth and 100 being pure capitalism with no taxation, where would you place McCain relative to Obama?

Just wondering.


Always a good move for a responsible citizen to be armed regardless of who is in power.


Last night I bought a bunch of hi-cap magazines. I remember how expensive they were during the ban.


I haven't owned a gun for the last 9 years because I didn't want one in the house with the kids.

Saturday I'm going to buy two.


Suicide by firearm is a cop-out. Please get some help, Jawara.



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Buy some hi cap mags and ammo too. You will see an outright ban of high caps and a large tax on ammo.


Me too. Probably three guns. A handgun, a rifle, and a shotgun.


Now I'm sorry I sold my AK several years ago.

I don't think the economy is going to come to a screeching stop to this degree, at least right away, but severely limited private ownership of arms in the form of everything they can get away with is coming for certain. And quick.

Get em while you can.


Utter bullshit.

If RICH people quit working just so they don't have to pay taxes, that makes them WORSE than the poor people who simply can't pay much in taxes because they don't make much to begin with.

If people quit pursuing goals because they need to pay taxes, that is about as Un-American as you can get.

By the way, I already own a gun. My dad has several.


Just get a parts kit. The receiver is just bent sheet metal. Not too hard to make, but I know where you can get an 80% lower for cheap.


According to your reasoning, you should have bought your gun months ago. Unemployment has been rising for months...not just since Mr. O became President less than 24 hours ago.

Great reason to buy a gun. Don't shoot yourself.




Suicide was neve mentioned, I dont know what your problem is.


Are there really people who think rich people will quit wanting to be even richer just because they pay taxes?


I mean, REALLY?

Wow. American educational system, thou hast befuddled me again.


I know the economy won't stop right away. I'm just just getting ready for some shit to go down. I'm holding out for the Bushmaster ACR to come out but I am going to start stocking up on ammo. I already have a few 5.56 mags saved.


You've seen Obama's voting in regards to gun ownership? Really? And which ones have you scared?

Because I've read the legislation, and none of it infringes on the second amendment.