Got my X-vest today

I got my X-vest today. I think the guy who runs the company or some rep called me up and asked for my bodyweight and waist size so they can personalize it to my body.

Of course I got the 40 pounder.

I’m wearing it right now and walking around in it trying to get a feel and adjusting where necessary.

Like Shugart said, fits like a glove.

best 200 bucks i’ve spent in a while, not including lap dances of course…

get one if you can.

I’ve heard of this thing. So now that you actually have one what do you notice is being worked by it? I’d think the legs and core would benefit but how about the upper body?

I have one as well and it is great for walks, pushups, chin ups and plyometrics. Great product!

Sorry, I haven’t given it a real test run yet… It’s raining here in SF so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to test it on the road tomorrow morning. I do know that it’s tough to breath with that thing strapped on real tight, and with all 40 pounds in it, it’s a chore just standing around.

My next purchase will have to be a kettle bell, sorry Mahler that I haven’t gotten one yet. I know, it’s cheaper than an x-vest so why the hell didn’t I get one?

Well, to tell you the truth, I didn’t have a clue how to use them. Jason Norcross and Jaytruly (Jesse) were kind enough to show me a couple of moves. I will continue using a dumbbell for a little while, and then I will get a kbell.

A lap dance or an X-Vest?

An X-vest. Reasoning is that and X-vest might get you a free lap dance every now and again if you use it properly.

You got it baby…

Unless you’re in Vegas. Then that’s a whole nother story.