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Got My X-Vest Today-This Rocks!

My X-Vest arrived today. This is totally cool. Its 40 lb. capacity w/40 lbs. shipped. Right now I am only using 20 lbs until I get used to it. Gives a whole new face to cardio. I have never been much on any kind of cardio exercise, I would much rather pick something up than run on a treadmill. This thing is a kick though, you definately can’t slouch with one on and you can feel it in your legs while walking. I am interested in seeing what this will do to my squat over time (squatting with it/squatting without it).

They are cool. I’ll take a trail and an x vest any day over the tredmill.


You really are going to love it! I use mine all the time. If you wear it for any lenght of time you can also get ready for huge calf development as an extra bonus.

HELL YES, no end to the uses of it either. Have fun and experiment. I have to second the hiking trail and the vest. As well just hooking things up to it dragging pulling, all types of weight work. It can/is a blast and a great w/o than does make cardio more fun/interesting.

These things are great! I went on a 5 mile hike today with it. I have the 40 lb. model, right now I only have 20 lbs. in it until I get used to it. Finally have an interesting way to do cardio.