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Got My Thyroid Results Back Addressing Hypothyroidism. Am I Good to Start TRT?

Many advised I fix my hypothyroidism first before getting on TRT. The main reason being, if I were to simultaneously start medications for both, and there were problems, I wouldn’t know which medication was causing the problem - which makes perfect sense.

So I got on thyroid therapy, and here are the results…

- Thyroid -


Before: 5.35

Now: 1.10

(0.4 - 7.0)


Before: 2.0

Now: 7.0

(2:15 - 01 6:47)


Before: 7.0

Now: 24.4

(8.5 - 25.74)

- Testosterone -

216 (286 - 802)

37 years old. No medical issues (besides the above). Have been low since I first tested 10 years ago (I know, don’t start!).

- Thyroid medication and dosage -

Levothyroxine: 12.5 mcg.

Very surprised that low of a dose gave this result. Was supposed to start at a much higher dose. Thank God I listened to myself.

Tested early morning 20 hours after last dose, 6 weeks after first dose.

Zero change in how I feel pre vs post Levothyroxine.


Fix that ^^^^^.

If you start TRT keep checking your thyroid. For some reason my levothyroxine became less effective on TRT. I had to up my dose from 100mcg to 150. Not 100% sure it was the TRT, but that’s what happened.