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Got My Test Results Back, Not Happy


Sorry if I'm being a douchebag and jumping the gun, but I just walked in the door from the hospital with my test results in hand. I'm not too happy. I have felt like dogshit for a long time now... not healing quickly, low energy, low sex drive, etc.

So the results come back:

Progesterone: .09ng/mL
FSH: 4.57mIU/ml
LH2: 3.76mIU/ml
Test: 316ng/dl

I'm not off the mark in thinking my LH is extremely low and my test is borderline TRT am I? I am reading a lot right now, but I appreciate any comments or insight you guys could throw me. I will be using the search function so please dont flame me for that. Thanks.



Didn't you just have 2 weeks off your cycle, or haven't you just come off?



Estrogen: 32.54pg/ml


Do you have the normal reference ranges listed? If so, please share..


No, I haven't started my cycle yet. I have felt like dogshit lately and wanted to go on cycle to feel better, but wanted to check first to get a baseline.

I got my blood drawn and when it came back so low I was pretty shocked to be honest.

I haven't done a cycle in 3 years. I've only run one, very mild one in the past. I had no sides.

According to the charts, normal test is 270-1,080ng/dl for my age. Many people that have written on here in the past have complained about readings in the 400s and some say they start to feel the negative effects of low test at the 500 mark.

I live in Hong Kong and I'm kinda worried I won't be able to receive proper medical assistance as far as advice on this subject, so any I can get here is appreciated.

I also misread one figure, it was E2 not estrogen. Thanks for replies, everybody.


Is that total test or free test? Free test is more important. E2 = Estradiol (one of the forms of estrogen).


some doctors would still consider that level of test to be within normal the range

If its affecting your life i would go and see an endocrinologist

he may give you a perscription to top up your levels but its better to speak to a pro who may be able to pinpoint the underlying reasons for it before you start topping up your own levels


That's a very good point I need to bring up tomorrow with the urologist. It actually just says "Testo" next to it. I'm not sure if it's free or total.


I recently read a study that over 50% of Chinese men have low-testosterone. It doesn't surprise me at all, for many reasons, but I think that it just goes to show that they don't have a lot of knowledge here about it. Sex education is also very taboo ... which is why everyone is cranking out kids at an early age and abortion is so common.

I guess it is "in the average range." I also need to assess myself and what could be causing the low levels. I think I'll wait two weeks and see what my levels are at again in the early morning if I get no useful help from the doc tomorrow.


dude, 316 at your age is really fucking low. you are in the average range for a 50-60 year old man. congrats. you are far far far from "optimal"

im 23 @ 400 test level and i have no sex drive, depression, irrititability, etc all classic signs of low test


Yep. You're right. Same. And my workouts suck-I find myself needing way too many "rest" days after legs or back now.


is your diet, rest, and training all being done properly?


I get 7 hours of sleep a night and eat cleaner than anyone I know. No processed carbs, 1g protein/pound of bodyweight, tons of vegetables. I don't drink at all and I don't smoke at all. I use no drugs and I take my vitamins. I drink over a gallon of water a day and I have no stress.


weird. how hard do you work out and how many days a week?


2 on 1 off usually... but lately there have been too many 1 on 1 off times or 2 on 2 off. I work out hard, but not like I used to. I feel fatigued easily and don't recover like I used to.


well it does not sound like you are overtraining / under recovering so yeah man its gotta be the low test...


What cycle did you run?


I think it might be your (lack of) dietary fat intake. I believe that is why Asian countries have lower levels of testosterone.


cholesterol is vital in making test


That and a fair amount of genetic predisposition.

Asians are simply a smaller and weaker race. They are less masculine by simple genetics.

Both men and women are more effeminate.

Asian countries diets are usually high in carbs and soy.
And low in animal proteins and fats, saturated or otherwise.