Got My T Up, but E2 Through the Roof

So after months in the 300-400 range, I made a bunch of lifestyle changes (namely not drinking), and got my TT to 560, FT to 120, and…E2 to 47 (wtf). E2 has always been in the mid 20s.’

I was all set to go on TRT based on symptoms alone. I have everything from Defy sitting in my house.

What would you do?

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How do you feel?

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Depressed, anxious, unable to handle life anymore. Irritable, and losing a lot of things in my life. Not going my way. ED/libido issues. Fatigue.

I admittedly tried a single shot of 100mg T the other day, and found myself a little more on top of things the day after. Also needed less sleep than every before. Probably placebo, who knows.

So I assume you had a course of action from Defy and you decided to give natural boost a go before you delved into TRT? Just trying to figure this out.

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If your TT is 560 with high e2, you could always try zinc/dim or even maybe some arimidex.

Your body is able to make test. I don’t think you need trt.

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You got it.

Actually had some zinc (oysters) and CBD the night before the test. Forgot about that.

Endo says we do another “clean” month and try again.

Where was the 100mg shot in conjunction with the blood test?

You injected 100mg of testosterone on top of what you are already producing. Im sure there will be some E2 sides for a little bit.

One big injection is always worse for E2 conversion.

FT at 120? What is the range?

My TT was around the same before I started TRT. My FT was out of range low. Started therapy a year ago and never looked back.

Why would you inject 100mg out of the blue? That’s only going to complicate things more. Also, E2 in the 40s isn’t something to be alarmed by.

Brother please let me know how you increased your TT I’m in 400’s so want to push that up :blush: