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Got My Seizure Letter Today


well i got my letter today on my 2nd order my first order came in 14 days but the other got hit this sucks!!!
should i have them send it to me again with the same address or a diff. one.


Do you live in Australia? It seems that the aussies are getting the worst of this.

I feel for ya, it sux to lose your order like that.


it looks like domestic might be the only way to go now, or local source which is much harder to find.


Shizen I love your avatar I could stare at it all day. (minor hijack ..sorry hogwild)


no i am in the usa


i was going to send my letter back but went to AVS website. i think there down for a while unless they change there web site around.


well i tried to send my letter back but the ADVS WEB SITE IS DOWN OR IT'S GONE. it said site don't exist


Those guys are too open about their business. I wouldn't be surprised if they got shut down.


sites back up and working fine for me