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Got My Repeat Labs

initial labs 12/1/18 0957 hrs
free test 21 pg/ml. Range. 47-244
total 1.57 ngml Range 1.85-7.81

repeat 12/17/18 0919 hrs
total test 3.14/ng ml
prolactin 4.62 ngml. Range 2.64-13.13
fsh 3.5 units/ml. Range. 1.27-19.26
lh 1.0units ml. Range. 1.24-8.26
that’s all the PCP ordered.
Is the increase in total test higher due to earlier in am. normal varience. don’t see doctor until jan 15

Day of test .fatigue and crankiness threw the roof. Anxiety high which is new to me. off with kids… desire to maintain diet or exercise sucks. notice women slightly more. always wake up with morning wood. only thing changed. diet increase in carbs decrease in fats. had 2 cups of coffee 4 hours before test. faped 3 hours before test for stress relief. no meds. except I think I took creatine. that am not sure

Most doctors would cling to the higher reading and ignore the lower one, with the negativity surrounding TRT it could go either way, it depends on the personality of the doctor. LH is below range. No Free T the second time, troubling.

These scores are seen in the elderly, president Trump scores higher.

Yea. I doubt he will be helpful. I did up the Tribulus for our anniversary a few days before. I know it’s not supposed to raise t. My Neurol physiology isnt that great to know. If it’s normal for men to swing their levels that much.

Regardless of the lab ranges you are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone, and your labs do explain it. Your total test doubled, still not that great, but even if your free test doubled, it is still low.

. Most scale say 300 is bottom end of normal. So I expect resistance from insurance. I can pay cash for shots. It’s all the other stuff that might get expensive. My concern is future health. I didn’t quit drinking and loose 40#. To feel worse

Unfortunately, to do this right, you probably going to need to use a TRT specialist, Low T Clinic, anti-aging clinic, etc. That will mean more lab tests than you have so far. I’d ask around locally and see if you know anyone on TRT, ask who they see. Most can do this for $1500-$2000 a year.

A coworker uses his pcp and Androgel. Says he feels great. But it was a short conversation

Every now and again you hear of someone responding very well to androgel, he is in the minority.

Still injections provides more lean muscle mass in the lower extremities in middle aged and elderly men.

He probably has gotten lectured before on the androgel, that’s probably why the conversation was short.

system. my conversation with him was short. I caught him in passing by. told him id buy him lunch and ask more later. his pcp. there is a local internal medicine md who also does trt and takes my insurance so I may look into him. also sent feeler emails to some private pay clinics in Fresno Ca

Follow up question. So I go see my Primary in two days. I don’t quite feel back to my base line. But know where near how bad I was feeling in November when this started. Now I have more questions than before. How do I go from good last summer to feeling like shit in November to back almost back to last summer. Sex drive is not normal but cut my caffeine in half.( back to pre symptoms). Only thing I can think of is my low LH of 1.0.

I don’t ever want to feel like I did in November again. But won’t be surprised if my pcp says your fine and I have to go threw it again some day.

Any advice for when I talk to my primary would be appreciated

Third set of labs.
Total 1.93
Free 43
Shgb. 37

I go see endo in two weeks

My advice is stay away from doctors who are clearly unqualified to be diagnosing and treating you for an androgen deficiency, going to a GP’s or an endocrinologists is asking for a headache.

Your dreadfully low LH is confirmation testosterone is low, simulation within the testicles is low.

Don’t know that I can afford to go private. But I have great insurance. So will start there. Thanks again system lord

I will start out by saying endo’s are the worse type of doctor for TRT, sex hormones are paid no attention in medical school, so as a group they are a bad choice. Having insurance doesn’t guarantee you’ll find a competent doctor for reasons stated above, more than likely you will not. Doctors who take insurance deal with a great big headache that is the insurance company, they tend to spend less time with the patient since they must fill out paperwork just to get paid.

Most experienced doctors are so good at what they do that their not desperate to where they have to take insurance, their clientele of cash paying customers is more lucrative, spend more time with the patient and are more thorough and more informed. This is where the majority of hormone experts are located, privately.

This is why finding a knowledgeable doctor is so difficult under insurance.

Well that sucks. I don’t doubt that I could afford injections. It’s the repeated labs and md visits. That will add up quick

Well went to see endo today. He was a man of few words. Didn’t think it was a pituitary problem. Ordered more. Labs. Free and total test. Ferritin estradiol FSh lh prolactin AICS and lipid pannel and Psa. See him I two weeks and we would probably start treat ment. Said it would be. Androgel ca shots. Told him I would do shots due to having small children. He said that’s fine. I asked about scrotal cream. And he said it doesn’t work. I can imagine your response. But at least it’s a start. At least with endo starting treatment. Wife will be more on board . I did get the impression that if my primary had ordered a PSA. He would of started treatment now.

I’ll report back I two weeks

Any doctor who even mentions AndroGel as an option hasn’t been doing TRT long enough to realize it’s pointless to even attempt it. My first quack endo was a man of few words, took me six months to realize he didn’t know what the f*** he was doing.

He mentioned it. Didn’t push it. When I expressed my concern and preference of shot. There was no push back. It was him who mentioned me doing shots at home. Maybe that was because he saw I worked at a hospital. I didn’t even mentioned I was a nurse. I did mention I researched in advance and asked intelligent questions. At least now it will be legitimate in my wife’s eyes. I can always go private later. There is a local. Primary that’s states mental health and trt. On his web site and will investigate that

endo had me repeat labs think I screwed by self having a 2 beers before bed
total test 3.19 ng/ml 1.7-7.8 hospital scale
Test free, send out not back yet
estradiol 23 pg/ml
fsh 3.9
lh 1.2
alt 43 they were normal 6 months ago
ast 30
total cholesterol 220 yikes no more red meat
albumin 4.5
ferritin 140.6 ng/ml
prolactin 40.36 ng/ml
psa 1.02

Low LH confirms low testosterone, never seen a healthy young man with no symptoms below an LH of 5. Basically super low LH shows a very low level of testicle stimulation.

If your doctor like playing bingo he’ll tell you you’re normal, because you are +19 points over the BS threshold set by the endocrine society who chose that threshold that wasn’t based off critical thinking or studies to back it up.

Studies show healthy testosterone north of 440.