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Got my Package Seized

My first time ever order in gear and it gets seized What The Fuck Right I sent pics of the siezer letter to the place I ordered my gear from and they said they would re ship it used a different address but the same name and it’s in the same town do you guys think that’s alright or is it going to get flagged

Luck of the draw. Depends what country you are in and from which country the goods were coming(don’t tell on a public forum). Also depends how discreet the goods were packaged. If its vials it would show up easy on a customs xray, but once again I’m sure plenty of stuff gets through.
If it doesn’t work you may have to go to your local gym for a dealer.

Bruh. He just said dun tell… lel

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Well if there someone narcing they need to mind there own and get off my shit lol

They saw it already mane.

Give us your home address too so we can give you more details about likelihood of successful delivery.

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Real funny


Yo, this happens. That’s why there’s procedures in place to resend packs. You just got unlucky. Open a new box and try again. Or send to your mates house.

Yeah I’ve herd it does quite a bit but it blows it was my first package now I got to wait even longer for my stuff