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Got My Master's Today!


SO HAPPY. Had a great day, my mom, dad, aunt, and lady friend came to see me graduate from B.C. Had a great day, got to eat a ton of great food....and most of all...no more school if I don't want to! Sorry, I know this is probably not a very interesting thread to others, but I'm quite ebullient right now. This has seriously been one of the 5 best days of my life. I got a master's degree, and no one can take it away. My mom only went to college for a couple years, and my dad didn't do much past high school, so they were extra happy for me, and I feel like if I have kids some day they'll be able to say at least one of their parents was in grad school.




Now go get a job to pay for all those years of school. Show everyone that you actually learned something.






Let us know when you get a new ass.


Did you have a great day? jkjk congrats


So what, you supposed to be my master now or something? Lemme aksya this, "CAN YA WHOOP...MAH ASS?"

Chris Rock



Congrats dude! : )


Congrats, big accomplishment indeed and hopefully you don't end up like the majority of people who achieved their masters and are now working menial jobs or worse yet, are still unemployed.


So ya tink ya beda dan us now huh?


Super Congrats dude.


First, he has to work his ass off.


Well done. You're a scholar now, so act like one.


Oh, so whatchu ma MASTAH now?!

--Chris Rock

Congrats, man.


That's the canned immigrant parental response.

"Mom, I want to become an artist."

"Here's a coloring book. Now, go take the LSAT."


Ha yea reminds of of the Family Guy episode talking about Asian parents:

Father: (whips open door while son is doing homework) You docta yet?

Son: Dad, I'm 11...

Father: Talk to me when you docta! (slams door)


Just because you got your Master's doesn't mean you can just start using words like ebullient.

Also, congrats man.


What is your degree in?


Psychology. I'll probably end up going back to the company I worked with pre-masters. We shall see.

Also, Deb, that is a wonderful looking cat.