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Got My Labs. Thoughts?


posted my story a week ago, 30 year old male 175ilb, 5’11

Now my 4th test with total T under 300. The doc thinks it is a Pituitary gland issue. Any thoughts?

prolactin- 23.5H
Estradiol- 9.9
FSH- 5.0
LH- 7.1
Free T(direct) 4.4H
Total T 262.


On glance it looks exactly like my pre-TRT tests. I wished they had found the cause of my low hormones before starting TRT, but they never really did before I started. I think it may relate back to high cortisol and high RT3, in my case. Those are the only things besides the sex hormones that have been a problem in my case. I took some nolvadex to try to restart HPTA one time (went off TRT), and my TT went up to 700, so I’m pretty sure that means I’m not primary.

Post the ranges if possible.


thanks for the note. Are you still on TRT?


prolactin 4.8-23.3
Free T 0-4.2

only ones that had ranges on the test


Wow, so free T is high but TT is pretty low. Free T is what matters, but wonder why it would be higher than range, while everything else is low. You really need to call and get the ranges for the others if possible… The puzzle is just more puzzling without the other ranges.

When you make two different posts, it gets harder to follow your story. Maybe you should delete this post and put your results in original thread.


With high prolactin you need a MRI to see if a pituitary adinoma is there. But it will probably be small and could be missed. I am inclined to retest to see if still high and avoid orgasms, cuddling babies, puppies or kittens which can increase prolactin. Condition is easily managed with 0.5mg/week cabergoline/Dostinex.

Your LH/FSH are strong and TT is low.
Implying that your testes are not working.

This does not make any sense. Free T(direct) 4.4H

Are you a diabetic? If so, get SHBG tested, could be very low.

Please post thyroid labs and ranges here.
Any other labs? CBC, cholesterol, glucose, A1C, AST/ALT?

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Evaluate your overall thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky. Thyroid hormone fT3 is what gets the job done and it regulates mitochondrial activity, the source of ATP which is the universal currency of cellular energy. This is part of the body’s temperature control loop. This can get messed up if you are iodine deficient. In many countries, you need to be using iodized salt. Other countries add iodine to dairy or bread.

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Thank you guys for the note. I met with a straight hormone specialist who sat with me for a hour 45 and we drilled down how i want to go about it and all my options. Guys is super legit and to and salt to the wound to the Endro i met with, she ran my labs as a female, hence the weird ranges. I am going back tomorrow to run a full EVERYTHING lab. He wanted me to hop on HCG right there as i brought labs of my T and get the party started. I held off until we go through all the labs and really zero in on where I’m at. He thought 4 weeks on HCG to stimulate the testes and then see where my T is at to determine dosage. As for cholesterol apparently my good C is low and my bad C is pretty high actually. I do eat like shit and we discussed a few lifestyle changes. My major question to him and you guys. I don’t want to get huge on this therapy. I have never gained but always cut my whole life and he mentioned a hormone that is responsible for that and ensured me that if i am staying active and not set out on getting huge i most likely will stay lean with just a low body fat. Any thoughts on that? I am super active and all my exercise is either running or surfing multiple days a week, no gym. I posted a few other labs below in case that helps at all. Appreciate you guys. Ill post my full panel when i get em soon. Thinking about just getting the HCG shot tomorrow and seeing where were at. Night fellas

Normals	Provider	Comment

01/19/2017 11:51 AM TESTOSTERONE 108.1 ng/dL L 241 - 827
01/05/2017 5:59 PM HCT 45.8 % N 37.0 - 51.0
01/05/2017 5:59 PM HGB 15.1 gm/dl N 13.5 - 17.5
01/05/2017 5:59 PM LYMPH# 2.3 K/cumm
01/05/2017 5:59 PM LYMPH% 33.3 %
01/05/2017 5:59 PM MCH 29.0 uugm N 26 - 32
01/05/2017 5:59 PM MCHC 33.0 gm/dL N 32 - 36
01/05/2017 5:59 PM MCV 88.1 fL N 80 - 97
01/05/2017 5:59 PM MONO# 0.7 10-9/L
01/05/2017 5:59 PM MONO% 9.6 % N 0 - 10
01/05/2017 5:59 PM NEUT# 3.9 K/cumm N 2.4 - 8.1
01/05/2017 5:59 PM NEUT% 57.1 % N 50 - 75
01/05/2017 5:59 PM PLATELETS 328 K/cumm N 140 - 440
01/05/2017 5:59 PM RBC 5.20 M/cumm N 4.20 - 6.30
01/05/2017 5:59 PM RDW 12.7 % N 11.5 - 14.5
01/05/2017 6:23 PM T4 FREE 1.59 ng/dL N 0.61 - 1.76
01/05/2017 6:24 PM TESTOSTERONE 71.31 ng/dL L 241 - 827
01/05/2017 6:23 PM TSH 1.02 uIU/L N 0.4 - 6.0
01/05/2017 5:59 PM WBC 6.9 K/cumm N 4.1 - 10.9