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Got my Labs & Prescription, Questions

I can do that. I plan to use my 27g x 1/2" Easy Touch insulin pins. I’m 130lbs w/ 6.5% BF. I assume I should be good to pin my stomach fat, my delts, and my thighs all with that gauge and size needle without any issues? Thanks so much Watt. I called the Dr today and was told that theres no way I can run my Test C through a insulin pin but clearly based on all the youtube videos I’ve watched and what I have read here that is not the case.

That should be fine though it will be a slow draw. I use an 18g to draw and inject with a 30g. It works just fine.

That is quite lean…like nearly BB show lean. You must have striations and veins everywhere. Shouldn’t be a problem for you to find the exact quad spot to inject but subq might be a challenge at that leanness, but I am speaking from ignorance on that.

It worse fine through an insulin pin. Just takes a bit longer to load and inj.

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Yes, I have a very high metabolism. When I was 22 I ran a few cycles and was 190lbs for a year or so. Hoping to get that BF % number up a bit higher. I do have veins everywhere. Please explain to me how you can switch the needles on insulin pins? I was pretty sure all insulin pins came with fixed needles?

How long does it typically take you to draw it up ?

At the risk of sounding argumentative, you were on a starvation diet @ 1200 cals.

I order separate needles and syringes. The syringes are 1ml/cc and they are Leur Lock threaded. Then I order LL needles in the sizes I need.

A couple on min probably. I usually watch TV while drawing out so I’m not paying close attention to the time. I’m using 25 or 27g now, I don’t notice much difference in the discomfort and they go quicker.

When you pin w/ 27g is that a Subq or pinning IM with 27g?

Thats a fair enough statement. I work crazy hours and getting around to eating was always last priority. Its 1pm and today I’m sitting at 2500 calories so far. Finished the last week averaging 3800. Finally feel like I have the discipline to keep at it.

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If you’re 6.5% bf then you can easily pin IM with an insulin pin.

I think you need you eat more dude, 130 or so at 5’9" is pretty light

Working on that as well, I was actually 123 a month ago. This morning I weighed 136.3. I moved from eating that usual 1400 or so calories a day to about 4,000. Have been making some incredible gains just eating and hitting the gym 4x a week. Still have huge issues w/ energy and libido which is something I hope the TRT will help with.

Honestly, I think just the weight gain and balancing out your lipid profile (which I assume is fucked based on the starvation diet) will probably fix a lot.

I use 29g 1/2" .5 ml . I inject 2x a week. Takes a minute to draw I would say. I inject subq belly.

Its only .3 ml I draw or 30 units.

Excuse my arrogance or confusion as it’s been ages since I’ve pinned. You mentioned you inject .5ml 2x a week. Then you mentioned only drawing .3ml of oil?

The syringe is .5 ml
I think the smaller syringe creates more pressure and May draw faster.

The cypionate I use is 200mg per 1 ml.

So .5 ml is 100 mg.
I inject 60 mg at once so that’s .3 ml.

If you need a new doc that won’t fuck you in the asshole my email is in my bio. $150/month for 220mg/week Testosterone, syringes, ect mailed to your door and all done over the phone.


Did first injection today. Decided to not break it up into every 3.5days and just do the entire 1cc at one until I’m comfortable with pinning again. Did my butt with little to no pain. Few hours later I have light discomfort but I’d imagine that is common for the first time?

Also pinned the Gonadorelin 50units Subq in the stomach and split my Anastrozole dose in half.

You should find a new clinic asap. Test Cyp infused w/ Anastrozole is inappropriate and most don’t even need it, it’s just another frankenstein drug and toxin you could do without.

I have never heard of needing to donate every 2 months. My doctors don’t require me to donate unless HCT is 54% and those that donate excessively are potentially looking at low ferritin issues.

Do you have any other labs you could post?

You haven’t demonstrated a need for it.

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I do not have any other labs. After 6weeks I was going to have my own labs down since my clinic doesn’t pull E2 and Free Test levels. They did indeed remove the Anastrazole from the Cyp and gave me pills instead.