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Got my Labs & Prescription, Questions

So a little back ground info since I am new to these forums. I’m a 33 year old male checking in at 5’9, 135lbs. I recently just got back into the gym a few months ago after some issues with depression as I felt it was the best way to get back on track.

I was went to an online Dr. for TRT to see if it might help me. I’ve always had huge issues gaining weight (I currently am 135 but a month ago was 123lbs) I made those gains by moving from a 1,200 calorie diet to a 4,000 calorie diet. I have also struggled with depression and some other things that the Dr seemed to think TRT will help with.

My labs came back today at a 426 level. I was told I will be prescribed Test Cyp infused w/ Anastrozole at a dose of 1mL a week. Gonadorelin Acetate will be dosed at .2mg 2x weekly instead of HCG.

The Dr had mentioned that I needed to make sure that every 2 months I am donating blood however. Could someone help me with understanding this? I’ve spoke to some other friends doing TRT and none of them are doing that. My Hemoglobin level was 16.6 and Hematocrit 47.8.

Thanks !

I would find a new clinic if you can.
A) you dont need the anastrazole. try to get straight cypionate only.
B) you dont need to donate blood
C) unless you are concerned with fertility you dont need the GnRH

As a side note, have you tried eating for a few months and see if your problems subside? Why in the world would you eat a 1,200 calorie diet?


I could just skip taking the GnRH. I work a very stressful and high pace job and eating was just never a priority. Since fixed that. Do you think I can ask to get the Anastrazole removed? What is the reason you mention not needing it?

I would. You probably dont need it on TRT. Most people find it causes problems. Its overprescribed.

I got them to switch it to oral, and I can make the decision I guess to take it or not.

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Good. The fact that they are compounding that stuff right into the test is…troubling.


So is the fact the labs don’t even call for Free Test to get checked. I just went with them because it’s an inexpensive TRT option.

I’d say as long as they’re working with you and are cheap and you’re ok with figuring a lot of details out on your own then go with it

Figuring out things such as? Thanks for any help!

Def don’t need the anastrozole (AI) I would not even attempt. AI lowers estradiol quickly. You need estrogen.

Some of us, go to drs that don’t know much about trt, but get the testosterone injections and inject on a decent protocol.

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Do you pull you go for your own labs then? The treatment center I’m using isn’t even pulling free test levels.

I do. Some states allow it. I can get TT & FT with a few other things for under $100.

NH_Watts, is that through LabCorp?

LabCorp or Quest. You can order through https://www.ultalabtests.com/shop and a few others for discounted rates.

Your doctor is not very intelligent giving you an ai and having you donate blood.

Spend some time reading up on TRT around here and go check out danny Bossa content .

Here is a post showing one If the big reasonS why estrogen is important Sexual Desire and Its Connection to Aromatase in the Brain

When we block estrogen we have no clue where it’s being blocked. Brain heart bones ?

Let the body do it’s thing starting trt. Expect symptoms, but they will resolve. You will be well off only taking T and not having to worry about estrogen and giving blood.

Discountedlabs is another one

The Anastrozole since he’s switched it to pills now and not mixing it with my test, can I just skip taking it altogether then?

Yes just skip the ai totally. Let me know if you have any other questions.

In the mean time go find videos from dr Keith Nichols, danny Bossa, jay cambell

Start here https://youtu.be/31ro-dC7XmQ

And here

Watts, curious as to if you could help me w/ a protocol. I would prefer to run this all SubQ and to not do a once a week injection. While this is my first time being prescribed TRT via a Dr. I had ran some test when I was a bit younger and hated doing just one injection a week as I felt like my emotions were always up and down. Hoping I can break this down into two shots a week that I could SubQ between delts and thighs.

Thanks in advance.

Just split the dose and inject Monday nights and Friday mornings. Thats about even 3.5 days.

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