Got My Hcg. Need Help with End Game

The doc agreed to prescribe me hcg, but said no reason for serm to help tapper down. He said just take the hcg for three months then stop. He never gave me an exit plan. BTW I’m secondary trying to boost my T levels for a nice nudge with hcg and and then go natural without having to take trt (never done trt ). He did say he would scribe me an e2 inhibitor.
Anyway I understand the hpta restart sticky, but this has finally been the only doc to scribe me hcg, but he does not agree with an exit with serm. My question is could using hcg and the just stopping cold turkey make things worse for me? Causing a life of trt.

Secondly should I be trying clomid instead? He told me he doesn’t like clomid and doesn’t think it will work for me. (I don’t really agree, but cant start an argument).

@KSman any advice would much be appreciated. Thank you

I’m not KSman but he can correct me if I am wrong. Yes you need a SERM (Clomid or Nolva). Using HCG will shutdown production of LH and FSH (as HCG is an LH analogue) thus you will likely need to do a restart. If you have a SERM choice, stick with Nolva from what people here say.

You can taper off hCG.

Do labs while on hCG to see what it is doing. hCG might be your TRT.

In USA? You can find SERM’s via google.

You created a new thread and your other details are elsewhere. This is a bother for anyone who attempts to see the bigger picture. At the very least, link back to your details.

I use compounded hCG that has B-12 in it. In that case, you would not need to do lab tests for B-12 as it would be over-range.