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Got My Hands on TRIBEX Blue


Hey All,

New to the site, been lifting for 7 years now, pretty experienced lifter so Ive taken Test supps before. I got my hands on some TRIBEX Blue after doing a few searches I guess this is the old formula? Any ways im doing the 5 days on 2 days off cycle, and I was wondering after I take this am I going to need any post cycle supplements too? Thanks.



Its Tribulus...it's not actually going to affect your hormone levels, just libido. You don't need PCT and you don't need to cycle it.


So ill be fine doing it every day 2 times a day? And correct me if im wrong but when you say it will just affect my hormone level just libido its just going to make my sex drive crazy? Will I even expect to see any gains if it wont affect my hormone levels?


So ill be ok doing the 2 time a day every day? And if it increases only my libido isnt that just gonna make me super horny? Will I even expect to see any gains from this?


If you already have it, take it and see what happens.


Yeah Im going to take it but I just want to know what a product is going to do before I take or at least what results I should look for, if your saying that its just going to make my sex drive crazy then ok, I just want to know if I am going to benefit in the gym because thats purely the reason Im taking it...


Out of curiosity, why does it matter if you know what its going to do or not? I could understand the question if there are risks involved, but there is literally nothing bad that will come from using TRIBEX.


Im not concerned about the risks or anything...I just want to know what I should expect to see, strength gains? Lean mass? Mass in general? Why is it wrong to want to know what a product is going to do to you before you put it in your body? I understand their is no risk I just want to know what I should be looking for when I train thats it. Maybe I should rephrase my question....what exactly is tribulus and what does it do?


It's an herb that's been used for 1000s of years for its libido enhancing properties. Bodybuilders got ahold of it and figured that, since testosterone is a key factor in libido, perhaps Tribulus increases testosterone. Studies have since shown that it does not, but companies keep pushing it as a "test booster". Nobody knows exactly what the active ingredient actually is, but the libido effects are very real. Your testosterone is not going to increase, but you might get a boost of aggression in the gym and it could yield results that way.

It'll definitely make you feel good.


I'm going to argue that the research that says it does not increase testosterone is debatable. Some studies have got positive results, some get negative. I have not read a study that's the be-all and end-all of tribulus testing, although there might be some recent ones I haven't read. It's extremely difficult to get a good standardized extract; source and quality of the herb are important factors. My experience with high quality tribulus is that it increases more than just libido, as stated. If it looks like T, smells like T and also tastes like T, its reasonable to assume that T is increased, although not proof positive.

That said, if your testosterone is already fairly good, then you probably won't notice much in the way of effects. The change is most noticeable if you start off low. Also, it won't increase your T (if it does) to a level that will significantly improve your training.

Now, if you had no idea what it was going to do, why did you even bother buying it?


I didnt say there was anything wrong. I just asked why it was necessary to know. Shouldnt the results speak for themselves? Especially since anyone elses experience will have little value to you, as they dont have YOUR body.


I didnt buy it...local supplement store went out of business and I knew the owner so he gave me it. I was just trying to find out what all is was going to do since most supplements tell you on the bottle what you "should" expect to see and when reading the TRIBEX bottle I couldnt find out anything else other than it was a testosterone supplement. Apologies for all the hassle I just wanted to know what I should start looking for in the gym thats all. Thanks for the help everyone I really appreciate it.


No need to apologize. Im just asking the questions to emphasize that it's better to find out for yourself how thing affect you, just my opinion of course.


TRIBEX blue = gear