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Got my Free Stuff!

I got home last night and found my package of free stuff from Biotest for winning the Beat Our Caption contest.

A cool T-shirt (which I will wear with pride) and a tub of Surge. The will be my first time trying Surge so I’m pumped.

This is my week off, I’ll be starting a new workout cycle Monday. After I try it I’ll let you know how I like it. I hope I can wait until then. The Surge is tempting me to open it now. I hear it calling, “just a little taste won’t hurt.” Stop it! Stop it! I must wait until post-workout.

Thanks again to T-Nation and Biotest. You guys freakin’ rock!

Prepare to get addicted to Surge.
It sucks that you only get 10 servings per bottle, because it tastes better than most desserts I know.