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Got My First Shot

age 22
height 5’10
weight 145
waist 32
describe body and facial hair some chest/almost full beard few patches
did to grow fast or slow and steady as a teen I would think at a normal rate
testes ache or hurt? ever? Never hurt checked them for bumps nothing.

mood eh depends on if I like the person or trust them
depression eh barely
libido pretty good
get cold easily? a change? Never sick
dry skin, brittle nails? Nah
use iodized salt? Eat salt
eat much sea food? Not really any
exposure to chemicals? No
ever used hair loss drugs? No
Rx and OTC drugs no

Got my first shot 100mg feeling normal though It’s only been 2 hours don’t feel any different didn’t expect to. They want me to go in ever 10 days is that to long? Should I be going every 7 ? I’ll keep you guys updated on how’s things are going… And what this first week is like… If you guys wanna throw me any advice it’s always helpful…

Didn’t you just post that you weren’t going to do TRT?

Post all your follow ups in this thread if you want advice on your protocol. It will make it easier for people to follow your progress. Ten days is not too long to start. It will all depend on your labs and more importantly on how you feel. Listen to your body as opposed to focusing on the numbers.

Yeah I did I’m in idiot but thanks for the response. Ill write it here when I got more questions

I can kinda tell my doctors is a moron…when I asked him questions I learned from here he didn’t really even answer them…I know this one nurse or whatever he is who gave me my shot is on trt(he didn’t say but you can tell) what you think I should do?

And if I am doing this it’s gonna be the best way possible

You’re 22 my friend! Put at least some effort in restoring levels naturally.

Did you even get any detailed blood work done?