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Got My First Order From T-Nation!


I was so happy to see the FedEx truck pull up at my house this morning.

My very first order from T-Nation arrived today, I ordered a few tubs of Low-Carb Grow! and Surge.

I immediately made a shake with the chocolate flavor... damn that's tasty, even in water! Reminds me of cake batter. Hope the Vanilla and Banana are as good.

Was delighted to see they threw in a Grow! bar to try out and a sample packet of HOT-ROX.

Thanks for the excellent service Biotest/T-Nation!

I'll have to put in another order soon to get enough Grow! for the V-diet.


Congrats. on that, I placed my very first order of Low-Carb Grow! and Surge as well on saturday, so I can't wait! Hope it gets here soon.


It is truly a delight to wait to see that FedEx truck pull up. I find myself counting down the days. Hey, it's been two days he should be here tomorrow. Wake up, hey wonder if the FedEx truck has been here yet. Woo-hoo it's here!


I must say these shakes are a delight, I actually look forward to drinking them now instead of fearing the moment I have to chug down another bad-tasting shake.

The vanilla taste is very good too, I actually prefer this over the choc but they're both good, hope the banana does not diappoint me.

Mixability is awesome, best I've ever seen. I don't use a blender but a normal shaker. I shake like 5-10 times and it's completely dissolved, no residue or anything! I think you could mix this in a glas and a spoon with no trouble at all.

The only disadvantage I can think of is the fact that I have to dig in the tub the first time to get my scoop out, but that's due to the shipping and IMO inevitable :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmmm just had my Surge pre- and postworkout... I must say it is less tasty than Low-Carb Grow! Odd considering it has like 20x more sugar. Does anyone else experience this bitter aftertaste?


That aftertaste to me assures the quality. It is a slight hint that didnt get masked of the hydor. Whey.

Have you ever tasted Hydro. by itself?? There arent many things worse that you would think about drinking.

Biotest did one HELL of a job with the Flavoring IMO.

Just my take,


I thought Surge tasted a little wierd at first...but this was my first experience with hydrolyzed whey. After taking it a few more times, I warmed up to it. Now its a staple PWO. Best blended with ice.


I RAFAEL AM STILL WAITING FOR MY VISA TO ARRIVE AND WHEN IT DOES I WILL GO 300 INTO DEBT AND NOT FEEL BAD. Damn thing takes 2 weeks its been 7 days 12 hours 26 mins and 30 seconds..............I can't wait KEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKE


Um, ok. WTF are you smoking?