Got My Elite FTS Order

finally ordered a sled/prowler. and got my order from elitefts. guide to captains of crushers , apt harness. sled strap, ankle strap , foam roller. hoodie , posture curve and poster. love everything. can’t wait to try harness out. wasn’t happy with how loose the ankle straps fit around your ankle. so I went to sears and bought some serious heavy duty squeeze clamps to hold ankle harness snugg so there’s no slack. and surprised how easy the guie to captains of crushers are!!!

gonna have to order captains of crushers level 1. love the foam roller. you can’t get me of it! bummed about sending me wrong size hoody and poster. now just waiting for the sled. I’m sure the neighbors will think I’m crazy pushing / pulling my sled when its -20 degree outside right now!!!