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Got Motivation?


This belongs here

â??"Our deepest fear is not to be inadequate, our deepest fear is to be powerful beyond measures"


Great video


What a confusing mishmash to make a point which could have been expressed better otherwise.


This is literally the least motivating video I have ever seen.

I'm going to go eat 3 liters of Ice Cream, pop a couple vicodin and watch Pawn Stars now...


Operation Repo is a worse show than Pawn Star so I suggest you watch that instead.


Great fucking video. Loved every second of it. Converted that shit to mp3, put it on my ipod and went on to BLOW UP the fucking park by my house with running and pushups. Was on the verge of crying like 3 times.


fight club brad pitt knuckles > snatch brad pitt knuckles.

i do love the rocky quote though, who doesnt love sly?


i don't get how people find this shit motivational. Is that really whats holding you back in life? you are scared of being awesome?


What a crock of pretentious shit.


Motivation-wise, this girl's story always kinda kicks my ass to stop complaining about minor stuff and get back to doing what needs doing.

4'6", 90-pound local college basketball player with scoliosis, blind in one eye, and partially deaf.


A good lesson for all people, and particularly inspiring for those teachers.


Its that simple, but its not that easy


This one always cheers me up:) - on the way to the gym:D



Old but CLASSIC.


^^ That's the one I was going to post. Great one.



From Pumping Iron.


I see Lou psyching himself up by saying "Arnold! Arnold! Arnold!"

I'll bet Arnold said the exact same thing.

Classic stuff though. If I had a time machine, before I visited dinosaurs or went 50,000 years into the future, I'd play it safe and go back to 1975 and train at Gold's and maybe catch Jaws in the theater. Oh! and have a Schlitz!


Good post! motivations the hardest part for me!

I plaster my gym up with posters and slogans and switch them up every few weeks to keep it fresh!

Not a shop just a random name i know!