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Got most of the test results back.

LMAO and for some reason the Test/ Estrogen weren’t done.

Ok going off my BW two weeks ago Test was 223 and Esto <10. When I get the new BW back on tuesday I will post those restults.

Now for the rest that have any interest…

LH 3.9
Glucose 104 (Range is 65-99)

Alkaline Phosphatase 33 (range 40-115) doc says not worried since its low. When its high he gets worried.

Hemoglobin 15.9
Hematocrit 44.5
Bun/ Creatine ratio 11 (dead middle of range)
PSA 1.1 (woo hoo, no change since the last test 6 months ago)

Prolactin 13.00
TSH 1.5

all the rest was very solid. in fact the RBC was strong with a 5.15 (range 4.20-5.80)

So, everything looks pretty solid outside of Test, Estro and LH. What do you bros think? Can I bail this out with a diet change, lifting and some stuff like Nova then ZMA with AM to bring up the LH etc?

Serum glucose is a little high, but understand that years ago the upper limit was 115. Did you consume anything other than water 12 hours before the blood draw?

Nope all results are fasting, made sure of it. I had the BW done about 9 am and didn’t eat anything or have anything but water after 8pm the night before.