Got Me a Big 'ol Tire...

Got a big old tractor tire from my new neighbor Saturday. I spent about 20 minutes yesterday flipping “Oprah” up and down the lane. Basically did sets of ten flips. This thing kicked my ass.

I am hoping you guys can share some ways in which you incoporate the big tire into your workouts.

Get yourself a tug-o-war rope. They’re about $100 for 75’ of 1" rope with an “eye” splice at each end. Drill a hole in your tire and put an “eye” bolt in it (it won’t interfere with flipping). Now sit your ass down on the ground and pull the tire hand over hand. You might have to brace your feet against something. No need to do DL, bent over rows, squats, or curls, or much of anything else after this. Just lie there in the cool grass and pray for rain.

This makes for a great competition with a team. Time it.


Are you training for a strongman comp. ?

Depends on what your training schedule looks like now, what your goals are, etc. What size is it?

Tire flips kick ass.

Get a fencing maul (20# hammer) and beat it silly.


Sounds good, never used a tire but I’d like to get one. I want to get a keg for tossing.

i hit mine with a 16lb sledgehammer then flip it up a hill

Thanks for the responses. I am not training for a strongman contest. Just looking to use it to improve my overall strength and endurance. My current routine is essentially compound lifts three times a week. Typically, DLs, front squats, power cleans and hang-snatches for heavy triples and then some support type exercises for higher reps. I ride the bike and power walk for cardio.

From what I understand, the tire was on a combine. It is about six feet tall and about 2 feet wide. Guessing that it weighs close to 150 lbs.

Sorry if my response is a bit erratic. I am having a hard time typing with that figure competitor’s fine ass next to the reply box. Wow!

man, i need a tire to hit. i have this really heavy sledge hammer, its old school, from like the early 1900’s, and nothing to hit it on. i’m in the process of getting a log, like a real wooden one, and a fifty gallon drum to fill with water and flip. i foresee some fun afternoons coming up when the snow goes away