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Got Labs Back, Thoughts?

I thought my back was wrecked at one point, it was like the evolution of ape to man getting off the chair to walk to the kitchen. By the time I got to the kitchen i was walking upright. Laying on my back was unbearable. Its definitely low E2. Off arimidex 2 months now and my backs fine along with joints, especially knees.

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Doctors office. Called me back and said start resistance exercise recheck and see him in one month. Lol. I calisthenics 2-3 time a week, walk dog 2-4 times a. Week and run when I can. She said she would speak with md about the labs recomended

Yeah I dont think weight training is going to do THAT much for you. Are you a huge consumer of alcohol? No weight training and consumer a large amount of alcohol could pull your T way down but yours is really in the shitter.

in January I was 220# beer drinking fat tub april 192 beer drinking tub. by 9/14 my 42 b day I was 162 and would run a 25 min 3 mile. I do calisthenics 2-3 days a week and walk or run dog at least twice a week. and am problably 13% ish body fat. but I consume 800-1000mg of caffeine beverages to achieve this. the only time I feel horney is 30 min after exercise. my energy level and mental focus and memory has always been poor but I never said anything as I assumed it was due to nightly alcohol intake and sleep apnea from alcohol. since I quit drinking the wife says no more apnea. so that’s why I decided to investigate T levels

Having done all this with your assumed low T is a testament to your will.

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The majority of doctor think they what labs need to be ordered, the reality is quite different. The majority of doctors don’t know what labs to order and the guidelines are insufficient.

Getting proper care for those undergoing TRT can be quite challenging.

there was and a event that made me think that if I died. this is not how I want my kids to remember me. had have been driven to get in shape and clean up my act. but once the I got in shape and dropped drinking two 1-2 drinks once or twice a month. I just didn’t feel mentally right. people at work think Im quite ocd about my diet. when people hear stated talking about my levels and how bad I should feel. it made me think the labs were off or that my recent change to higher fat lower carb diet caused these levels. it also made me think, if I can achieve this physicaly and be a good competent nurse with all this brain fog and shitting memory. how much better of a person, father husband and nurse I could be. hell mabey even my grammer would improve but doubt it


Going on TRT forced me to want to improve every aspect in my life, it can give you the motivation to force change.

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Thanks @charlie12, I have found that my joints feel better with higher E2 as well.

This is an important line of thought. Even physiologik stated that before he would treat some patients he required they make a lot of changes and even require them to lose weight before starting treatment. It is my belief that there are some, myself included, who had failed at making these changes so many times that this request would fall on def ears. Not only that but my body was unable to shed fat, motivation and energy were pathetic, emotional distress was expeditious, and general ambition was in the toilet.

So for a doc to demand I make changed BEFORE treating me with T would be a figurative death sentence. And looking back now I am a totally different person who is driven to make positive changes in my life in all aspects, who looks forward to each day and its challenges, who feels strong of body, mind, and spirit. I have never felt like this. I believe I been lowish T my entire life.

Repeat labs. Free. Total. FSh and prolactin before my appt mid January will probably have the drawn Jan 2 or third as I’m anxious to see results