Got Labs Back & Testosterone Is High

I started TRT 5 weeks ago. 140mg a week. my doc told me to come back October 1. I didnt feel exactly right so I ran my labs myself and was shocked at what came back, no wonder my face feels flush and pulse is higher than normal. here is what the labs revealed. I called my doc but it being a friday, won’t here back til monday, I was taking 140mg testosterone C split 2 times a week.i am going to skip monday til i here back from the doc. I am in pretty good shape 62 years old. How long before my T comes down if i skip monday? Do i need to do anything now? really has me worried. thanks,

Analyte Value
ALBUMIN 4.0 Reference Range: 3.6-5.1 g/dL
SEX HORMONE BINDING GLOBULIN 60.5 Reference Range: 22-77 nmol/L
TESTOSTERONE, TOTAL, MS 2262 H Reference Range: 250-1100 ng/dL

Analyte Value
TESTOSTERONE, FREE 285.7 H Reference Range: 46.0-224.0 pg/mL
TESTOSTERONE,BIOAVAILABLE 525.4 Reference Range: 110.0-575.0 n

Wow you’re super sensitive to TRT. I would recommend 40 mg twice weekly.


Testosterone drops as the time between injections increases, daily. How long after your injection was this blood drawn?

Regarding doing anything now, if you are that concerned you could go to an urgent care and they could address your pulse rate and maybe blood pressure.

You could take some magnesium.

While your free testosterone is high, it is not crazy high and many guys run with higher levels as they need that to feel good. However, you’re not feeling well and I expect your doctor is capable of addressing this.

You might keep in mind that dose changes and resulting lab changes are not linier. A 40% decrease will not necessarily result in a 40% reduction in your total testosterone.

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thanks highpull, believe it or not my blood pressure is good, pulse a little higher than normal and feel flush in my face. other than that and the numbers freaked me out, i feel good.i have noticed im a little more aggressive than usual. I have only been on this for 5 weeks, you would have thought my doc would have ordered labs to see how things were going, but i knew something was a little off so i had my own labs run. if i stay on this i am getting another doc, already have one in mind who can manage this. I spend way to much time on forums and reading about the male HPT axis.

I have actually seen some men suppress their ferritin at super T high levels. So there may be more going on under the surface than just very high T levels causing these symptoms.

if i skip next week, how long before it comes back to a more reasonable range

Maybe a week or longer to reach 1000 ng/dL if you stop completely. It took me 4.5 weeks to go from 700 ng/dL to normal HPTA functionality. So basically 700->0 in 4.5 weeks.

Elimination half life for TC IM is 4 to 7 days. As we discussed I would give it 7 to 10 days then go with the dosing reduction we discussed on your other thread.