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Got Labs Back Please Help? Low Estrogen

before I started treatment my estrogen was 36 test 225 I been on 150mg cyp a week for 2 months…week 4 I checked estrogen it was 25, total T 1150 it had gone down not up…

not on an AI i’m only on the test

just got my labs in from last week and now my estrogen is 8??

I orignally felt incredible when I started hrt but after week 3 things been going down hill

I am in a total fog I am miserable…my test is also very low after 7 days (300ish) but on day 4 after inject it is over 1100 and in 3 days goes from that to 300s

the doctor did not seem concerned at all and brushed it off. he just upped my dose to 180 a week today.

anything I can do to get my estrogen levels back up a bit? something OTC? something I can eat???

I thought estrogen levels up go up when you start hrt??? why am I not converting anything?

i’m at the point where i just want to stop treatment I feel so so bad

doing some goggle I cant find anything where people have a problem with estrogen dropping when injecting test only it going up what the hell is going on??

How often are you injecting, once a week?

yep once a week

Do you have one 200mg/ml vial per week, that you have on your prescription?

And, when were your labs drawn, on day 6 or 7 after injection?

You are metabolizing T very quickly and need more frequent T injections. You’ll probably need at least every other day injections to keep hormone levels steady.

It sounds like your doc isn’t knowledge enough to be treating you and I suggest getting a new doc well versed in TRT and not some ordinary doc unfamiliar with TRT.

I have to go to a clinic to get my shots every week they wont let me take the treatment home until things are “optimized” labs are done day 7

sadly this is a trt clinic in which that is all they do :stuck_out_tongue: not a normal doc

Bummer, guess you need to make other arrangements because you are unable to optimize treatment on weekly injections. I never in a million years would get optimised on weekly dosing.

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is there something I can get OTC to raise my estrogen? something I can eat?

Alcohol. Although not a healthy long term habit.

I’d do whatever it takes to find a better doctor. You need to be able to self inject, and more frequently than once a week.

You could take oral DHEA. 50 to 100mg daily would increase your Estradiol.

I wouldn’t recommend it though until you dial in your testosterone level.
As others have said, you need to inject more frequently.