Got Jacked, What Do I Do?

Hey Guyz, I was just chillin’ in my house when 6 armed men ran up in my crib and took my cash, my social networking site and 11 pounds of dried horse nipple meat.

They also broke into my unlocked convertible and took a bunch of light sabers from the passenger seat. Then they drove it to the harbor, sailed offshore and took over my oil rig.

What do I do, calling the cops is not an option since I didn’t seek for permission to drill off the jersey shore and I don’t wanna get busted.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

this barely resembles artem’s thread…

as a result fail

Pics or it didn’t happen.

You’ll need to know 3 other threads as well to get the joke.

does your mom know? or is she in denmark?

lame parody is fail

[quote]CBear84 wrote:
does your mom know? or is she in denmark?[/quote]

Fucking Denmark… Get’s em every time

for some reason the title made me think this was a thread about what to do after you go from being skinny to jacked.

Like I told Artem, Go get your lightsabers back, or stop drilling oil! You fucking pussy!

Be a Man!


I appreciated your compilation…

I lol’ed. Well done. Don’t forget that he has to deal with his crazy girlfriend’s parents on the side.

they didn’t take your pc? damned!..LOL

[quote]elano wrote:
Pics or it didn’t happen.[/quote]

What? No poop?

Jack… off?

[quote]Iron Dwarf wrote:
elano wrote:
Pics or it didn’t happen.

What? No poop?