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Got Into Oly Lifting - Shoes?

yea there have been prob loads of these but this one gets to the point lol.

So i have been Oly Lifting for about 6-7 wks and i honestly cant get enough of it, now i am investing in a garage setup and shoes, my setup will come later though.

I started looking at:



Is there a difference between the Rogue Dowin and the Pendlay Dowins?


The torontos look really nice. I also have a narrow foot, and i dont want to pay alot because one im 15 so im still growing and two i dont have the money or a job yet lol.

Thank hope you can help and give me some feedback.


All I can say is I have the old Do-wins (old ones, look almost the same though), and they are great. Heel height is perfect, and they aren’t breaking down. HOWEVER I believe Do-wins come wider than most other shoes so this may not be the shoe for you.

yea my really only concern with the DoWins is the width

I think you’ll get over the width. Tie them up tight and put the buckle over tight as well.