Got Him - Saddam

They captured him alive this morning near Tikrit.

whooo hoooo!


My Hippy roommate already made the suggestion that they had him earlier and that they only reason they waited was because the Iraqi courts began to operate last week. Get ready for the bullshit.

Yeah, and watch the U.S. install another Iraq leader who will go turn his back on the world and go ape shit like all the others.

Where’s all the Bush hater’s NOW?

I think Bush will be in office for another 4 years? Things, being going good for Bush latley, the Dow hitting 10000 last week and now Saddam is captured. Go Republicans!!!

Kudos to the military…sorry it took us so long though…

NOW lets see how the demoncats spin it…

I’m sure members of the New Left will find bizarre ways to paint over this achievement, which belongs not to President Bush or the Repulican Party but to U.S. soliders, on behalf of all people with sound moral judgment.

Fitone…the leftist demoncats will be sure to downplay all of this and continue their hate of President Bush and continue their hate for freedom loving America…

PtrDR I guessing they are going to say so we got Saddam what about Osma Bin Laden. I think in time will get him too. Now matter how the dumb democrates trys to spin this I think Bush will be in office for awhile.

Brain Smith,

Good point

Only in America can you have a different opinion than the masses and then get labeled as unpatriotic for it. That’s so easy to do when you don’t like what you hear.

It’s funny how of the 8-10 posts I saw here only 1 or 2 actually implied a left wing stance, yet almost everyone else seemed ready to shoot anyone who wasn’t a Republican or Bush supporter. What does that tell you? If the right were so wrong in their beliefs, why not ignore them. But that just never seems to happen, does it?

In general, People will believe anything you tell them when you give them choice A, B and C. Unfortunately, the public has been fed a nice steady diet of fear and consumption for so long they forgot that they can have a choice D of their own. Maybe choice D is what we’re not supposed to be thinking about. Ever wonder?

Now that Saddam is caught, I expect us to be out of Iraq in no time. You would think anyway…

We’re ALL armchair quarterbacks here. I expect Bush to win the next election, but not before my vote cancels out one of your votes!!

That last one was for laughs folks.

note: not a single mention of how getting rid of sadam is a good thing by winfield.

Winfield…who said I was either a demoncat OR a republinut? I think for myself and vote for who makes the most sense.

I will say however that the demoncat party has been hijacked by the EXTREME left…witness Dean. And the more mainstream…sensible democrats like Gephart and Lieberman are NOT being supported by the new left wing demoncats. The fact that Dean is leading the demoncats just backs up my point. If it were up to Dean…saddam would still be in power…murdering and torturing!
Tink bout dat!!!

You don’t have to be a Republican,or Bush supporter, to be awed by the job the Special Operations soldiers and members of the 4th Inf. Div. accomplished. HOOAH!

You may have assume that I always vote for the Republican party that however is not the case. I vote who I think is the best candidate and during the Bush vs Gore campain I did vote for Bush just because I thought he was the best out of all the candidates not because he was a Republican at that time.

I so far I feel that he is doing a good job.

Where’s Lumpy?

Dean is conservative on some issues, moderate on some issues, liberal on some issues. Don’t just regurgitate what somebody else told you Ptrdr. Look at his platform… it’s not all that liberal. It’s also not all that different than Gephardt’s.

note: Not a single mention of heterosexuality by Morg.

Now that we have Saddam, we can pull US troops out. Unless this war was really about oil after all…

I have to admit I’m surprised they captured him. I thought he was already on ice in the basement of US headquarters, and they were going to trot him out right before the nxt presidential selection.

Guys, vote for whoever you want, but we all know it’s whoever the Supreme Court appoints who will be president. That’s how democracy works!

it’s funny that you, too, did not say how catching saddam is a good thing. you spun it into a “now we can see if it’s all about oil”.

the topic is not about sexuality, you moron. why is it you have to bring in personal insults like that?

It was good to see so many Iraqis with smiles on their faces.

As someone else pointed out to me, did anyone notice on that ubiquitous footage that some were waving red glags with the hammer & sickle?

The communist party in Iraq is apparently active again. Wonder how that will play into a new “autonomous” Gvmt…