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Got HGH Now What...!

Maybe figure out your diet and learn how to train first…

And if you seriously get that turned around well enough and still need a fat burner, try some clen perhaps, because from what you said, that is a horrible waste of HGH…

Just inject all 300iu in the jugular, or the heart.

Let me know if that gets rid of your baby fat.

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Regretfully, I think this is just some kid with too much money and not enough knowledge.

He’s either 19 or 20 judging by his name, and the fact he won’t listen to advice only reiterates the idea that he thinks of AAS/peptides as one big joke.

I doubt he’ll listen to any dosing procedures anybody tells him.

I doubt he even knows what he should realistically be expecting.

One thing I’m certain of is that by the time he’s used up all that GH, he’ll still look the same.

Considering how many idiots are out there sticking themselves with whatever bleach they can find after two hours of curling in the squat rack, and nobody dies, speaks a lot about the relative danger of steroids