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Got HGH Now What...!


Ok so I got some legit HGH and about 300 iu of it now I want to know how I divide it up, 1 or 2 shots a day??? I want to grow muscle so how much should I take..??? etc...
Any advice is apreciated so thanks everybody!!!


A shot a day of at least 4iu should do ya some good....

It's hard to be specific with you man since you didn't give us any details...


ok i'm 160 and I got skin and that lower belly that i always hate when I look in the mirror, and i been working out for about a 1 1/2 yrs on and off. Want get this fat off!!!! I just read the best article here, will start with 5 iu to 7 iu a day then go to 3 iu daily, so its cool...


dude, you are an idiot. you don't need more than 4-5 IU's a day (over that can lead to un wanted sides) try splitting it up into 2 shots also... Jackass. You weigh 160 lbs?? 21 years old?? eat for christ sake!!


Agreed, based on your age, weight, bellyfat and "off and on" training you need to get your diet and training in order before any type of AAS or HGH is used.


And why the hell do you think GH is going make you burn fat? That's all about diet. And to be perfectly honest, seeing how you weigh 160, I don't think belly fat should be your main concern....


What a waste of HGH...


What a waste of money. 300iu of HGH is very expensive.


You should probably do all 300 iu at once, just to get those super spot reduction/calorie burning effects


How and why the hell did you get 300iu of HGH and not know normal dosing numbers??

1.5 years of lifting? Are you serious?


Most people who decide to do drugs usually do some research on the stuff (usually includes dosing protocol). This doesn't apply to coke and crackheads, however, or the heroin addicts.


I agree. What a waste of 300iu of GH.


Hilarious. What an idiot.


I smell a troll


You guys are just jealous I got this much HGH...hahaha...Ill be good for like 3-4 months of training.


3-4 months training off and on tho right? I mean lets be serious who really has time to go to the gym everyday? As long as you hit the gym once or twice in 3-4 months it should all even out if you are taking GH. Matter of fact a buddy of mine took GH and never even went to the gym and he is a beast.

As far as doses, he is a bartender so he just did the 2 count. Just inject and count to 2, that should be about right.


i will refrain from adding to the insults, never could understand why everyone feels it necessary to act like they know so much more than everyone else, i mean damn were we not all completely ignorant when we got into this? That being said i have extensive (as in many years of Gh use under my belt and have tried about every protocol).

First off GH DOES indeed spot reduce fat to a large degree, however 300iu's is not enough to even get started with really, unless you know u have a constant source and funds in which case the following (credit to gavin Kane) is what i have found to work better than any other protocol.

3 times per week do 10iu's of GH to produce a burst pattern, preferrably after workout, then post workout eat like a pig to make it simple. Thats the easy version and will work well when combined witha good healthy dose of test (1 gram to 1.5 gram per week).

The best method (again credit to gavin kane) is do the GH post workout followed by a small dose (20-30mcgs) of igf1lr3 then 30 minutes later 5iu of humalog, of course all dietary safety precautions must be inorder to avoid complications with the insulin usage.

As per my standard disclaimer i DO NOT RECOMMEND anyone do this but it is the most common and succesful method for peptide usage in BB circles right now. Back to my original rant, all you guys that have nothing better to do than spout off about someone elses ignorance might want to stop and think that you look pretty ignorant to someone who has been doing this for 20 years.


honestly i know peaple hwo use 1 i/u a night before bed 5 times a week and see good results. Especially in the area of recovery.


For recovery and adding a significant amount of muscle, 1iu per day will be pretty much useless if you want any results at all.
Older people using it to reverse the signs of aging are using 2iu per day for this purpose.


Just save the HGH. Do a aas cycle only, maybe test and d-bol.