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Got HCG Today, Need Help with Dosing


Got my HCG today! The label says:
HCG/B12 10,000u-100MCG/10ml
inject 1000 units (1ml) subq twice weekly

I know around here it is reccommended to do 250u EOD, if I did that it would be about half as much as prescribed, but they also prescribed me 1mg adex per day, so…
My question is pretty obvious but I want to make sure I’m doing it right. Would the recommended dose around here be .25ml, and should I do it in my belly fat? Also, why would they prescribe such a high dose? Thanks!


It is my understanding from reading peoples posts here the AI will not stop aromatase inside of the testes so it is independent of the HcG in that regard. If the recommendation here is 250iu EOD then yes it would be .25ml EOD subQ (in belly fat). That is a high dose, when I used HcG for my protocol it was 250iu twice weekly and that was sufficient.