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Got Ham?


I was buying my week's allowance of chicken breast when I looked at some of the ham "blocks". You know, the big slabs of ham, already sliced and wrapped in plastic. Well, the nutrition label stated 3 grams of fat, 15 grams protein per serving. Wow!

My question: beside the salt and processing, is this ham good for bodybuilding/strength athletes?


There is nothing wrong with pork IMO.

Ham maybe not the best in a processed form but if it is REAL ham not some weird pressed version then sure its good. Though I will admit I have a package of "ham" slices for when I need something quick and mobile.

I would and do tend to lean toward your higher quality leaner cuts like center cut pork chops, etc.

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A staple of my diet is Italian sausuges. 4 links contain 64 grams of protein, and tons of fat. You can't beat them.


Nothing wrong with ham. I'm surprised at how little fat you've got in yours.


I rotate between this and the smoked chicken, which comes in a similar package and similar macronutrients. Goes great on the weekend in an omlette or just cut off a hunk. The sodium content isn't usually that bad, and it is very inexpensive...about $10/kilogram...or $4/pound



What's the big deal if there's a ton of sodium in it (barring your having a serious medical condition)? You're already drinking a gallon or two of water a day. Of course you are. From what I understand your body adjusts quite well to a higher level of sodium as long as you maintain hydration. Then, should you decide to cut for a contest or something, dropping from 5kmg/day to 2kmg/day (arbitrary numbers) while maintaining your water intake is much easier and more palatable than dropping from 2kmg to 500mg.

Disclaimer I'm not the expert, but have been known to ask a thing or two and the above is what was passed on to me.


In general, unless your doctor tells you to limit sodium or you have kidney problems, you don't need to limit sodium. If your body is functioning normally, you just dump the excess sodium. Plus it makes you thirsty, which is good. Because then you'll drink more water.