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Got Gyno Using Propecia?



I used the hair growth treatment Propecia for about 10 months,from february to desember last year.

And now I started seeing some of the side-effects, in my case gyno. Is there anyway to reverse or stop it now, or is it too late ?

I have lately gotten a tingling, itching sensation in my chest.

Should I see my doctor and ask for something to help with this ?

Thanks in advance


Definitely see your doctor. See a second doctor, too, if the first one doesn't help you.

It is a known side effect. No reason to not nip it in the bud :wink:



Anything special I should ask for ? Any medication that is good ?

Any "natural" supplements that will help ? tribulus terrestris or other testosterone boosters ?

It`s my experience that doctors rarely know anything about cases like this.

I guess Propecia contains Finasteride, if this should give others ideas of what can help.


Your experience with doctors is often correct, but there are some very good ones occasionally. It wouldn't hurt to do some internet research and print out some Pubmed abstracts on gyno-type issues associated with it. Don't try to show up the doctor, but just have it handy in case he only gives you a cursory examination and quickly tells you that you're imagining things.

There are products used to treat gyno... often they are the same ones used by people using steroids. Aromatase inhibitors such as letro, SERMs such as tamoxifen, even topical steroids such as andractim...

Hopefully your doctor examines the tissue and orders up some comprehensive bloodwork, too. Good luck.


DHT plays a very critical role in the management of estrogen.

Decreasing DHT INCREASES estrogen's potency in the body, more or less.

Your gyno should be corrected by the use of an SERM, or if worst comes to worst use letro.

I would stop the propecia and start dosing nolva.


I hate this drug - so many young men's lives are affected by it - they simply dont realise what they are letting themselves in for.

Doctors fail massively to warn men that they will be reducing the levels of the hormone that makes them feel like a man!

They end up losing their libido, some with gyno, feeling blue and depressed, cloudy minded and crappy overall.

Death to Finasteride, long live DHT!


Thanks fo the answers.

Westlock: I stopped using propecia in desember, just hope it`s not too late to correct some of my gyno.

I called my doctor today and got an appointment next week.


Do all hairloss prevention products have a similar effect?


That would depend on the particular mechanism of the product. If it prevents 5AR activity, affecting the conversion of T to DHT, then yes. Topical treatments like Nizoral shampoo seem to be more friendly to the user because it prevents DHT conversion at the scalp instead of everywhere in the body. I don't know if it is as effective as Propecia, I have no experience with either, but know different people that have used both with different levels of success.


To be clear, this is a potential side, far from guaranteed. But one does have the same potential with Avodart, perhaps even worse, as by design it's a broader spectrum 5AR inhibitor.


If you were to run a cycle while using this product would it completely defeat the products purpose? Because low test is only a potential side effect would it simply minimize one of the side effects?

Would it be a bad idea to use a hair loss product and test?


Where did you get that finasteride will lower T levels?


From Brook's post. I may have misinterpreted it though.

"Doctors fail massively to warn men that they will be reducing the levels of the hormone that makes them feel like a man!

They end up losing their libido, some with gyno, feeling blue and depressed, cloudy minded and crappy overall."

Does it simply have an effect on estrogen levels, not test?


I don't know a great deal about these, though my hairline is starting to piss me off a bit. That said, if you're running a standard Test cycle and using an AI, you're not "wasting your gear". You will lose out on beneficial DHT-mediated effects, though.

It's a different story for someone NOT adding exogenous Test (and presumably not using an AI, too). Disrupting the test-DHT shunt leaves more substrate (ie. Test) for aromatase. So you've got less DHT and potentially more estrogen. That sounds like it'd be rough on the libido. DHT is a very good thing, even though it can accelerate hair loss.


Ah I see the confusion. He meant DHT specifically. DHT is one of the reasons why a Deca only cycle is unpleasant (just one example of a drug that doesn't convert to DHT. DHN is not strong enough keep a man comfortable).


Quick poll for you guys:

Do you use DHT management on test cycles ?

I never have, cept for a little saw palmetto.

Do you notice a distinct difference ?


I don't. But if I go higher than 700mg of T I notice a difference when I try to urinate. After a month or so it becomes a bit more difficult to get things flowing. I assume it is because of prostate enlargement. This is just one of the negatives I experience when using 700mg of T. 500mg is perfect for me, so I doubt I'll ever go higher again. Hair loss is not an issue for me.

Do you think saw palmetto would help with that?


Palmetto is a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor and to some extent also inhibits the DHT receptors on prostate cells via 3-ketosteroid reductase, how strong it is up in the air, and again if your buying the capped berry the actual dosage is a guess at best, if you buy standardized extract you do better, but its still not as accurate as pharma grade obviously.

I run a little of it on cycle with test, just because its cheap and its probably better than nothing as far as the ole-prostate is concerned

I figure theres no way its as strong as fina, or dura, etc, but it might atleast take a whack at the increased DHT from the test.

We did have a report a while back of a guy no longer in the puberty stages with no history of steroid usage, prohormones included, and no history of gyno, pubertal or otherwise

Developed gyno after dosing palmetto in an attempt to boost his test by limiting its conversion to DHT (a bad plan for most people imo, unless their DHT is excessively high)

I personally did not believe him, and decided that the palmetto dose wasn't strong enough to cause this issue.

But the truth is, we dont really know, I wasn't really considering that palmetto was THAT effective.

No "real", "conclusive" study has been done, but animal studies suggest it acts very similar to proscar, etc.

The standardized extract, Dosed high enough it probably would act very very similar to fina.

So I figure a small dose would have some effect, mabey spitting at a bon-fire, but its so cheap why not.


That's interesting, Westclock. Maybe I'll toss in some saw palmetto next time I cycle. It has crossed my mind before... typically when I wake up in the middle of the night to urinate.


When I was making my post I was thinking about what age it becomes inappropriate to type/say "pee-pee"...