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Got Fired, In A Ridiculous Way...


Long story short, there's been this d-bag at my work, who has been trying to trip me.
Walks up behind me to trip me, cuz he's a dick and hates me. Probably my attitude doesn't click with his, or whatever.

I tell my manager like three times about relate incidents prior to this, then when we had a big deal. About the third time he tried to hit me, I was carrying plates and food, but I managed to basically jack him in his solar plex with a handful of pitchers.

Stupid ya, but you try getting tripped by a grown man.
I tell manager, and he literally laughs it off.

So, I email the company secretary, and say, "yo this guy is harassing me blah blah, can you send a letter to my MANAGER, so we can figure it out, as I'd like to deal with this in a formal way, because when I'm on shift I don't have time to and just want to stop this."

I outlined all the basic information, and just described a series of situations, that lead me to believe why this guy is messing with me, and how he has of course done so.

Anyways corp bitch, sends it to her boss, instead of doing what I said. They call me like, "Are you being sexually harrassed!?!? And I'm like Huh?, no this D-BAG grown man just keeps trying to trip me..." I said it a more eloquent formal way than this. They say, "We're going to do an investigation."

This is where I got fucked, these guys went in and interviewed a bunch of servers, three of whom don't like me. Got some statements written, saying they didn't see me get tripped, and isntead that I occasionally rough house with my camrades between (16-24ish) at work. This was something I put in my letter, so not something I'm trying to hide.

Anyways, I sit down and talk with the boss, and they are firing me and not the other server, cuz they said, no servers could corroborate my tripping story, (they heard me say he tripped me but did not personally see it,) or the other situations (this is stuff that's like 3 months old minus the serving.)

However, one busser, the same busser, who I helped get all his fafsa work done, and sign up for classes, and who also told me this other server TOLD HIM PERSONALLY, HE WAS TRYING TO TRIP ME, told them I slapped him one time at work (which is factually true,) and that he'd never seen Phil try to trip me (which is not factually true). This slapping thing is true, but it happened before work, when we were joning on eachother, and he slapped me first in the face, after I wacked him with a menu on the arm.

Anyways, I can see where they are coming from as supposedly, I am the "central source, of the young man horseplay shit," apparently. They have testimonies from 3 people who dislike me, and the rest like me and think I'm a good server, but didn't take sides like the others did.

To me it's just bullshit, I'm not lying about this dick head trying to trip me, it is 100% true. They say, they can't get him on hearsay but then turn around, and fire me, on hearsay and a one sided story on the slapping. I admit to that shyt too, because I'm not a worm, if someone slaps me I'll slap them back.

I negotiated the terms of my termination, because of its wierdness, it will basically be an 'I quit put in 2 weeks,' (not like it matters anyways.) However, this situation has me pissed, as all hell.


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You will learn from this ? Don't go over your bosses head. He would rather get rid of the problem
than deal with you or his boss.


what a fucking prick. I swear, things like that turn a switch off in my head. He'd be dead, point blank.


Welcome to T-Nation... Hopefully if you can get bigger, no one will try to trip you.


This seems like a perfectly reasonable response to the above situation.


contact the state labor board and file a complaint. they will route it to the company headquarters. they will also give you a list of your legal rights and options. around here the board has a list of attorneys that will work cases pro bono so where you're at should probably have the same options.


Hey, it sucks, but that's life and sometimes it isn't fair. Sorry.


At least now you can kick his ass without the fear of getting fired.

What a douche.




Let's see.....you admit to rough-housing on the job, slapping your co-worker, hitting him with a menu, punching him in the chest with a pitcher, and you think you were unjustly fired? Welcome to the real world pal. It sounds like this other server is a total prick so consider yourself lucky that he didn't try some bitch-move like pressing charges against you for assault. You should be glad you won't be working with him or the co-workers who sold you out. Instead of getting pissed about this other dude's behavior, take a look at your own and acknowledge your own part in this sordid little affair and quit bitching about it here.


You live and learn. Best advice..go to work to do just that..work..leave the other bullshit for off the clock.


I picture the OP trying 3 or 4 times to get this 'big word' out while he's dictating this story to his chimp that can type.

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OP's Chimp That Can Type: Oooook?

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OP's Chimp That Can Type: ook.


keep it away from the labour board. Rough housing on the job with witnesses against you is a just reason to be fired. So if this was me in your position I would be pretty pissed but thankful they didnt write terminated on my record of employement because that doesnt look good.


this sounds like some third grade shit. Trying to trip you.lol I'd beat the shit out of him after work.


Hands down sucks.
Good thing is that it was just a server position you lost.


Sweet more rational reactions...


That's it beans we're rumbling...


I don't think I'm going to take it up with my labor board. As, I did indeed roughouse with some of my co-workers before, and while they also worked with me. I won't be unfired for a just-cause firing, but I don't think in the future, I will mess around at all like this at work, even with my friends.

I've been working here too long, and it was a relaxed environment with a lot of young dudes, like I said some of them young teens, so I got used to being a jokester with them when it wasn't busy. I'm not culturally retarded, I've done internships before at major companies where everything is touchy.

Ya, it was two different dudes, and one of the guys, was reciprocal to me. He started it as childish as that sounds.

The dude who was trying to trip me, was some 45 year old grown man who I never messed with physically. It wasn't like I was running around sucker punching cooks and managers, it was exclusive to maybe 4 of us who knew eachother outside of work.


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