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Got Fina?


Ok i have questions that i cant find on the internet cause they arent really "EXPLAINED IN DETAIL" answers.


Yes i understand once converted it is illegal.

But if FINA itself is LEGAL then one should have no problem buying it off the internet and no cops and shit should show up at your house right? I mean what is the worst they could do?

You dont have Trenbolone Acetate Made in a vial, you just have FINA pills (which are supposidley legal to own and buy).


they are perfectly legal to buy and administer to your cows :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

buying the kit to convert them, and converting them into an injectable is illegal can get you in trouble.

If you buy a lot of pellets you better have a lot of cows, because then you might have somebody asking questions. If you buy enough pellets just for one cow then they probably aren't watching and nor will they bother.



Saying that - this might cause suspicion in its own right as no-one gives this drug to their only cow, as that cow is usually kept for milk not meat...



good point, but if somebody is having 100 Fina carts sent to their place then I'd bet somebody is going to make sure they live on a ranch lol.

If one or two get ordered here and there, then even if they suspect your up to something illegal, chances are they'd just rather not waste their time and go after the bigger fish to fry.

good point tho lol



personally i would think buying just enough for one cow would cause more suspicion. i mean, who owns one cow? and if you did, it?s more likely used for milk than meat so you wouldn?t be giving it fina in the first place.

to the OP, yes it's legal to buy and administer to cows as gerdy pointed out, but human administration is illegal as you know. the problem is that some retailers are becoming wise to the human use of fina (as the above screen shot from amazon might imply), and are requiring proof that you own cattle (a feed bill or something similar) before they will process your order...just as an fyi.


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well some cattle take synovex right? lol So if your buying fina for your cows then you might by some synovex too.

Either way if you don't own a cow you'll have some esplaining to do LUCY! lol



bushidobadboy i realize this which is why i have taken proper Precautions and got the test too.

So what you guys are saying there is no point in ordering it cause either way im gonna get questioned right?


you buy it online. there are no questions when you buy it. the seller is required to keep a list of people who have purchased. if the feds ask to see the list, the seller is obligated to comply. whether they make the effort to follow it all the way down the line to you is, more or less, luck (or lack thereof). you can bet if they make the effort to follow the trail of breadcrumbs all the way to your doorstep, you can be assured you will be prosecuted. they have heard it all before, so don't count on talking your way out of it.

...that being said, you pays your money and you takes your chances, but don't kid yourself that there isn't a risk.


yet if its legal how can you get in trouble lol?


Your youthful ignorance is shining brightly.


Wake the fuck up man - it is a felony for you to buy or have it.

Whether you do or not it is up to you, but at least go into it with your eyes open.


He has a point, buying and having the fina carts on hand is legal.

But if you have them and they make the effort to come bust you, your going to have a hell of a time explaining why you have them without some cows, the implant gun, etc.

Also once converted your f*cked. So unless you plan on just leaving the pills in the cart in your fridge, your going to have to cross this line anyways. What if you brew it up and then the five-O come knockin to ask why you purchased the fina cart, they have a warrant and check your place to find a small stash of steroids for personal use. Law is ignorant and they might assume you have enough for distribution since you brewed an entire cart meant for many cows (surely not one human can take that they'd think) bam distribution. Now your in prison.

I will say that many people have successfully done this many times...FWIW.

converting one kit is still illegal but I'd say chances are greater that you will be fine than the chance of you getting into trouble

*-I do not condone illegal activities nor am I recommending doing this.



ok...apparently i can't post pics these days


Listen up Broksi's (this doesnt include u Dirty Gerdy).

I know about almost everything there is to fucking know about Finaplix/Trenbolone Acetate. Ive read almost everything on it, from websites to books. The fucking chemical compound.


What are they gonna do, take you to court for having something thats legal on you? Impossible


Where I live, you can go into the farm/ranch store and buy synovex-h right off the shelf. No questions asked.

But you can't purchase Finaplix without a script from a vet.

You can buy them online, but I think the internet vet stores are being looked at a little more closely now.

There is no crime in having possession of Fina, so if you can find someplace that sells it online, you are safe once it is delivered to you. Cops need probable cause to search your house, and purchasing Finaplix on the internet is not probable cause.




Thank you both Gerdy and rainjack.

Everyone else seems to say yeah its legal unless you have cows. Should it matter? If its legal then its legal, they cant bust you for shit unless its brewed.

And another thing if you order the stuff and you dont keep it at your house your safe.

And like gerdy said, they probably wont bother with you anyways.


no one was saying it's legal ONLY if you have cattle. we were just pointing out, as rainjack did, that while some places require proof (vet prescription, cattle feed bill, etc.) before they will sell it to you others don't care. if they'll sell it to you, it is legal to posses.


Ok therefore meaning there will be no problems lol.