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Got Fat? I Did


Over the past year I've put on 60 pounds , its been a tough couple of months going through divorce my oldest daughter hates me now and i have been arrested three times this year on probation and unemployed yet i still keep a good attitude but i cannot for the life of me get back on track with a workout routine i've started low carbs just to lose the weight quickest but i dont want to get weaker ,

i'm not looking for cut im just looking for thickness and strength im 5'8 270 and i waan to get back down to 190 cause thats when i felt my healthiest and my strogest i've been hitting the heavy bag cause i like to box but not frequently enough , any routines out there where i can build strength on a low carb diet cause i know it seems impossible dont want to be a state of ketosis .. I want strength bigger arms and a tighter chest and the rest will come with due time any suggestions and thanks to those who do i really apreciate you guys this cite is incredible. how do i find the video instructtionon different workout movements


I was pretty much in your physical state once... what I did was for the first two month was build stamina via Cardio training and mix workout(working out all the body parts) consider this as step one to muscle gaining.

You could control your diet but cutting down on oily and fatty foods and start watching what you eat(switch to boiled,grilled meat and fresh/boiled veggies - fruits as a treat).
1hour Cardio - You could interval train on the treadmill - Eg. run for 2 mins and walk for 1 min...continue it for 40mins and cycle for other 20mins.
30mins-Then the mix workout where you'd flex your back,chest,arms,should and leg(3 abs sets every second day)key- do more reps try to lift heavy by yourself...don't pick up weight where you'd require a spot....dont worry you'll get there later, in a month or so. Carry on with this for 7-9 weeks religiously.
this would help you,
1- Burn fat ( via cardio and food watch)
2- Help you get used to weights and gym equipments
3- You are preparing yourself to trim first and then bulk
4- If you follow this without missing out on workouts and hopefully a trainer can help you chose the 1-2sets for each body part (mix workout regime) you'll learn how to balance your weight lifting for the time being
5- you should have lost around 20-40lbs or more by the end of the 9th week(depends how hard you train)
6- Should get you started to your muscle gaining regime
7- you should've by the end of the 5th week started to feel physically and mentally fit!

Step 2 - Level 2 is only if you have lost weight and you are hooked onto your new routine .... I'd say knowing how much you have progressed ask a good trainer to guide you with a diet & workout plan.


I didn't have to lose as much weight as you on my last diet phase, but even on a low-carb diet my lifts went up across the board as long as I concentrated my carb intake around my workouts. I also did as much as three-a-days on some days, starting with protein-fasted walks, then weighted circuits centered on the core lifts, then steady-state cardio later in the day. I also used protein pulse fast days the day before my three-a-days. I went from 185# @ >13% body fat to 169.5# @ < 10% body fat in 16 weeks.




Seriously, just choose any basic foundational program out there. What is important here is not necessarily the program, but your attitude. You have to stay consistent.


True that....